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6 things about Habbo’s history that you need to know before you die! – Episode 23
By - Posted 12th April, 2016 at 11:00 pm Habbo

Greetings, Explorers. After a week burning¬†a fine toothed comb to find lots of cool and (probably) unknown trivia¬†about Habbo’s history, here we are again to proudly announce the second episode of… erm however many I decide to write! By the way, come here and listen what I say… Did you know that there were a Britney Spears’ styled furni? What about the ugly and blurry “.JPG” badges around the Hotel? Yeah, this is really a crazy game. Sit back and enjoy the ride, pal.

feels good........

Sauna is not a place limited to bald people, though!

1st – “Hot pixels”

One of the funniest things about the Habbo’s feedback in its early years is that they simply didn’t expect to receive an avalanche of young¬†players, since they¬†were¬†making the game¬†to¬†support¬†older¬†people, more or less as they did for Mobiles Disco, you know. Do you want an example of this? One of the unused public rooms, built¬†while Habbo was merely a prototype, is the SAUNA¬†(by armasK) where you could wear a bathrobe (or possibly get undressed) and relax¬†with a certain pixeled steam.¬†It didn‚Äôt make it into the hotel though; management considered it potentially inappropriate (do you think it would be a hit?).

"You can't buy me!"

“You can’t buy me!”

2nd – “Beep Beep”

We know that you’re a Rare furni expert, reader. But forget about the Dragons, holos, even the ducks for a while. If you go to the Brazilian Habbo and¬†explore the MOD_Jufa‘s rooms, you’ll see a special furni that was never released before¬†and you can only find it there: ‘Infobus‘. A must-have.

Crazy propaganda, movement and the exotic nature: Welcome to the pixeled Japan.

3rd – “Haaaai Habbo Minna *o*”

The 2003 year came with the opening of the first Welcome Lounge and lots of new International Habbos for player’s delight. One of them was the Japanese Habbo¬†(even though it was closed in 2009),¬†home town of one of the coolest alteration artists, satoh-teki!¬†It was basically the last hotel to receive the worldwide updates but, curiously, their catalogue¬†was always filled with random seasonal furnis, even if it wasn’t the right time.¬†And last, something in Japanese culture that makes staff not add ‚ÄúExchange‚ÄĚ to catalogue‚ÄĆ!¬†

"Quack" - He thought

10/30/2001. They quacked their very last quack.

4th – ¬†“I see dead ducks”

In October 2001, the Habbo players started to see the rubber ducks in a deeper side. The Halloween furniture was released, the first seasonal line ever!

Before and after. Imagine yourself¬†decorating your kitchen with the America Princess’s face!

5th – “Poster’s Digi-evolution”

A¬†lot of Habbo posters fortunately (or not) had to be changed over time. Take a look at the old Britney’s poster. You can see more here.

The “Save as JPG” button are not a good option here, trust me!

6th¬†– ¬†“Blurry Rarities”

Even though the Habbos around the world receive already-done GIF images from Sulake’s Graphics Team for their banners, sometimes it’s not enough for the banner’s subject and they go there and¬†enhance it;¬†Or not. In the early years of the Brazilian and Spanish hotel, it wasn’t unusual to see some strange and ugly¬†banners¬†being¬†used. It ¬†has happened because at first they didn’t know that when a pixel art’s saved as¬†JPG, as they did, it gets a blurry effect. JPG is for complex photos, after all, with all those colors and different tonalities!

TRIVIA SOURCES (and thank you to):

HABBORATOR¬†(I’m not joking when I say that it has lots of cool trivia about the early years of Habbo! Did I mention the fantastic Pixel Art layout?)

HABBID FORUM (BRAZIL) (With all those useful info about the beloved but crowded Brazilian Habbo)

That’s all, explorers! See you in the next episode, we hope! \o\

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    Ariana commented on 13th April, 2016

    cool <3

    roger5164 commented on 29th August, 2016

    so cool ty for writing this:)

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