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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
Habbo Avatars

Habbo Avatars

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Habbo Avatars
7 more looks on Habbo That We Know You’ve Seen0
By - Posted 8th April, 2016 at 6:00 pm Habbo

Here’s another seven looks that you’ve definitely seen around the hotel and unfortunately you simply can’t escape. If you’re interested in finding out the first 7, take a look by clicking here. I delved into the deep heart of Habbo and went on an undercover mission to show you all how to spot some of the most popular and lucrative Habbo styles.

8. The Flamboyant 

If you’re not looking at her, do you even have eyes? The centre of the room, attention and also probably the smack bang in the middle of your slightly unjustified hatred. A crown not only suggests they believe they have an authority in this online world but the combination of a suggestive bikini and elegant gloves makes you question your own thoughts and values and you really start to wonder: who could’ve possibly allowed this to happen and how would this look even begin to express yourself.

9. The Grunger

Mum, it’s not just a phase. Only our little grunge king could possibly pair highlighted, long, sweeping hair with diamond earrings and camo jeans and still be allowed into public places. Often seen hanging around the backstreets of the Habbo city in a posse that is equally as confusing as it is disturbing. You feel like you better not speak to them but not because they’re threatening – simply because you probably don’t want to…?

10. The Hipster

Look at this guy. He doesn’t need shoes to be cool. He doesn’t need any variation in his Top and Bottom colours to not get along with people. He can wear a coat indoors if he wants to… are you being discriminative? He can quite simply stand on an item of furniture and deserves to be there as much as the books he’s standing on do. His staff of almighty power not only shows he’s unique but he also makes it relate to his own feelings and he could probably go on about it for far too long that you genuinely care…

11. The Role Player

ATTENTION. In and out of the job, this disciplined darling of dominance makes you feel safer in any situation. As his motto suggests, he’s a Lieutenant Major General Leader…man that’s had the training of ‘[email protected]*’ – if that doesn’t say responsible I don’t know what does. Not out of the place in the Welcome Lounge, nor his group headquarters where he’s paid a couple of thousand credits to be recognized as a VIP (aka vaguely ignorant person). Stand to order, you peasant as his royal highness passes or face his wrath.

12. The Tart

Just look at her. Evolving from the latin name Baconus Noobius (see The Bacon), the Baconus Predatus ensures that you feel as uncomfortable as you can in quite possibly any situation. We managed to capture the moment she’s ready to unleash her mating call, much like her predecessor’s. She will do just about anything to get her hands into your HC.

13. The Sausage

As the old saying goes, a belt says a thousand words and also gives you thousands of reasons to sprint in the opposite direction. Although inappropriate in just about any scenario, you’d much rather see this style of look at a beach rather than a daycare centre. Another issue is this person has seemed to miss the update when they allow people to be topless and still thinks a shirt that, frankly, doesn’t even match skin colour any more will suffice.

14. The Lost Cause

I… have nothing left.

Please see this article as entertainment only and you really shouldn’t affected by this because my opinion of what you may or not wear means nothing – keep rocking it, gurrrrrrl.

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