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7 looks on Habbo That We Know You’ve Seen8
By - Posted 4th April, 2016 at 7:35 pm Habbo

Habbo is where you go to express yourself when society doesn’t let you. That being said, sometimes this self expression goes a little too far – yes, bunny ears to say you’re “so random xD” isn’t much of an issue, but as any Habbo-goer knows, you will see various styles of people around you. Much like the stereotypes article, the fashion statements are so regular and frequent that it makes you feel that maybe YOU’RE the odd one out. Take a look and see if you might be one of these confusing, albeit popular looks.

1. The Afro

A very historical look from the lands of time gone by when the pools closed, the afro has been written down in the books as a look that shows you’ve got a strong sense of heritage and pride – that, or you think it just looks cool because you take up most of the room with a Cumulonimbus as a head piece. I mean, just look at this guy. He’s staring off into the distance because he knows you’re looking straight at him. Although his look is shabby, it doesn’t matter because the first, last and only thing you look at is the fluffy monstrosity that sits atop his skull. The bunny slippers only add to this and make you feel like a real degenerate.

2. The Baby

Having common phrases that include “weres mwi Mwummy” and “adwopt mwe”, you’re going to encounter these anywhere you go and they will most probably try and be your new child, so congratulations in advance. The first rule of being a Habbo baby is ensuring that you have a blob on your nose that could either be a large mole or an oversized snot bubble. A bow that adorns your bald head will also cement your look and your bunny slippers will make your prospective parents swoon over you (or run a mile in the opposite direction).

3. The Bacon

An absolute classic – all females and, even, willing males have to pass the bacon test before they are allowed to enter the realms of normal Habbo life. Bacon describes the hair style that these young loves wear to attract potential males (see ‘The ‘Bobba’ Boy’) on the sticky floors of Club NX, and boy does it work. Look as the little delinquent stares almost demonically into your eyes from across the dance floor. Your mind’s telling you no but your body, your body is telling you yes.

4. The ‘Bobba’ Boy

Lurking in every corner, crook and crevice of Habbo life, the affectionately termed ‘Bobba’ Boy probably has already added you on kik and is on his way to sending various expletives that you wouldn’t even repeat to your grandparents. His slicked down hair send a sense of vulnerability but then his Simon Cowell-esque unbuttoned shirt allows his under-grown chest hair to peek out, showing you the ‘real man’ he is. He’s a versatile man and his shoes say that in a nutshell – sturdy, easy and plain, ready for any opportunity. Unfortunately, however, he’s not the only risk young ladies take whilst traversing the hotel hallways. You haven’t truly witnessed torture until you…

5. The G Dawg

… meet this specimen, judging you through his large spectacles ensuring that you’re hot enough for his cronies to be seen with you. His bandanna lies and tells you he’s got an adventurous side but really he’s covering his various physical insecurities (which we won’t go into for the sake of remaining a PG article). His gold chain says he’s wealthy and not afraid to show the world and his “creepy sick” trainers speak for themselves.

6. The Canvas

This person has nothing to prove… or nothing to wear. A glimpse of a slightly dystopian future, the canvas struts around unseen, barely looked at and barely thought about. Maybe this is the way they want to be – just a shadow amongst society, or maybe I’m getting a little too into this…

7. The Casual

Your average Joe; your Tom, Dick and Harry all rolled into one – basically a normal chap that neither annoys you nor excites you. Habbo is simply a place to relax and their casual dress code, although sending you into a light nap, only accentuates that. A slight exuberance in their hair style, they tone it right back down with their plain t shirt and trousers that only they couldn’t walk past at on the shelves.

Worryingly, this is only half of the looks that you see on the hotel nowadays – stay tuned for another seven that’ll be coming your way soon. Please don’t take this too seriously as my opinion definitely doesn’t matter to anyone but me but I hope you got entertained.

Like! 1
    lawrawrrr commented on 4th April, 2016

    I’ve definitely rocked number 2 quite a lot… or should I say “i hwave wocked dis look a wot ^.^ pls adwopt mwe ^.^”

    Empired commented on 4th April, 2016

    What a great article! Though you’ve forgotten those Mean Girls with the pigtails and big eyes that play trivia games obsessively and are mean to anyone who’s not in their in group. And respond to each others mean comments with things like LMAOOOOOOOOOOO you tell him kate 😉

    James commented on 5th April, 2016

    Flawless! Have definitely see (and used) most of these! Except the G dawg because that’s chav 🙂 Definitely miss my ‘bobba boy’ days :’)

    Nick commented on 5th April, 2016

    i will adpot u laura

    welshcake commented on 5th April, 2016

    Why isn’t there a ‘swag welshcake’ one?

    Bolt660 commented on 5th April, 2016

    Fab article Joe! I definitely recognise all of these haha! I’m looking forwards to part 2! 😀

    elegance commented on 6th April, 2016

    amazing article 10/10, i think i’ve also been the habbo baby times in my pixel life!!!

    MrsPlant commented on 7th April, 2016

    Oh man, i dont think i had any of these looks 😮 I feel left out aha!

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