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8 Habbo Stereotypes and Where to Find Them14
By - Posted 22nd March, 2016 at 1:25 pm Habbo

I’m not one for stereotyping people myself, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but see the same type of people around Habbo, over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’d like to take this opportunity to explore the most common groups of Habbo I encounter daily, and see how it compares to how you perceive people in and around this virtual hotel!

In the past I’ve explored how Habbo has changed over the time – the rooms, the clothes, the furni, the games – but one thing that doesn’t seem to change is the people. Some come, some go, but at the end of the day, are we all the same? Let’s have a look as I explore the 8 most common types of people I find around the hotel.

1. The Lurkers

Let’s start with me. That’s me, neonebis. HIYA! I’m a lurker. You’ll find me sitting in the corners of public rooms, taking it all in but not actually saying a massive amount any more. I used to be the hub of all activity, but now I sit around and generally watch conversations until there is something that engages me to the point where I want to join in the chat. Sometimes I can sit for an hour, without saying a single word. I used to be the one that engaged lurkers – tried to bring them into conversation, and away from their pitiful lonely chair in the corner of the room. Now that’s me, the Lurker. Occasionally, I’ll forget I’m lurking and fall into the next category. Which brings me to stereotype number 2.

2. The AFK’ers

This is misslynzsyz3895938392938 and she’s an AFK’er. Nobody actually knows why, or how she got there. But there she is, her and her fellow stereotypes, in almost every room you go into. Most frustratingly, the AFK’er looks like the most interersting person in the room. Some people AFK while they make dinner, but some people AFK “4 lyf” – it’s become a ritual, a habit – they just can’t help it! AFK’ing is the thing they do best. There should be a badge for that…! Well that makes a nice link into the next catagory…!

3. The Over-Achievers

This is Darcy. He’s been around since the year DOT. Darcy is a True Habbo, he excels in football, and he’s also a beverage specialist – fancy that! Darcy makes it his aim to collect every badge going, and usually wears no shoes to make him more interesting. Joking aside, there’s no achievement Darcy has yet to make. Infobus Session? He’s there! A Battleball Tournament? Count Darcy in… if there’s a badge on offer, Darcy is there!

4. The Gamers

Nope, I don’t mean those fanboys that cry out “PS4 4 THE WIN” everytime a gaming debate sparks up, but more so the ones who engage in many of the popular and very creative games Habbo’s have come up with over the years. Despite the amount of flexibility Wired Furni now gives us, some still prefer the “old fashioned” touch of Falling Furni, or Don’t Touch the Floor. I think I’m jealous of this group. I’m not familiar with the fancy lingo they use to communicate with each other. And I can’t click enough to get on the chair before Darcy (see above) beats me to it. But I do see how this adds a level of excitement to what is now a “game” in itself. You’ll find me in the corner lurking, next to misslynzsyz3895938392938, who’s AFK!

5. The Collectors

Jump in our virtual lift and go up a few floors. High above the gamers and the AFK’ers live the collectors. They’ve made it their mission to own not just every piece of Habbo furni available, but in bulk! 1 Beehive Lamp just isn’t enough. No, I must have 50. After all – they make better walls than what Habbo give us, right? These accounts must be worth a fortune, and in some examples, these Habbo’s haven’t spent a penny, but instead won their millions through years of gambling in the old time casinos. Some Habbos have even “inherited” their accounts from parents! Now that’s something!! Sure, it’s nice to have all those fancy shmancy rares lying around, but what does it amount to in the end?

6. The Dancers

Similarly to the AFK’ers, these dancers are always dancing! Ironic, right? They might be in the Habbo Club, or bang smack in the middle of a trans-gender debate, but for some reason these Habbo’s just can’t stand still! I like these Habbo’s – I think they bring a little bit of life to the hotel. Sometimes alone, in pairs on in groups, you’re sure to find a dancer in almost every room you visit! Sometimes, I even slip from being a lurker to a dancer, just to show a bit of versatility!

7. The Shouters

These are the Habbo’s that have to be HEARD. Plain old non-bold text just doesn’t work for them. Talking about the weather, or asking for snapchat user names, these users will SHOUT. Every. Single. Time. “Back in my day” one would should to be heard, as if you were anything further than a few feet away, you couldn’t hear what people were saying. But in today’s Habbo, you can hear most of what’s going around you, so I’m not sure where the need to shout so loudly comes from! That royally counts me out and off Habbo when I’ve a sore head – my poor ears just can’t cope!

8. The Old Timers

Ah, a group I’m eligible for, but never actually make the final cut. I think it’s my awkward username, neonebis. In the Old Timers group, you’ll find Dave, Jess, Chris and sometimes, M@TT. These Habbo’s are elite and normally sit in groups chatting about private issues. You can try joining in, but it’s likely you’ll be ignored.  If you have a number in your name, don’t even think about it. These Habbo’s know best and should generally be avoided at all costs!

9. The Trump

So there we have it, my little group of Habbo Stereotypes. Please note that this article is for entertainment purposes only of course, and this list is in no way conclusive. I’m sure there are many more types of Habbo’s out there, and I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions in the comments below, or indeed over at our wonderful forums!

Until Next Time…!

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    Absently commented on 22nd March, 2016

    really interesting articles!! we need to see one on the 10 fashion senses on habbo!!

    lucas32145 commented on 22nd March, 2016

    LOL It’s all true man! Furthermore, there are those tourists, users from another countries, and those who only talk to people when they want to date with them XD

    neonebis commented on 22nd March, 2016

    @Absently, thanks very much!! Absolutely – I don’t have much fashion sense myself (I mean look at me!) so I might not be the one to piece that together, but definitely a good subject!! Someone will embrace for sure!!

    @lucas32145 Haha – yes, thanks to the “Big Merge” 🙂

    Bolt660 commented on 23rd March, 2016

    Recognise all of these haha! Great article Matt! 🙂

    Expling commented on 25th March, 2016

    really cool article! i definitely fit into some of these categories :’)

    David commented on 1st April, 2016


    Lill-MeeDK commented on 1st April, 2016

    see you trump

    LovelyRainbow commented on 1st April, 2016

    Very nice article you’ve got here!

    MrsPlant commented on 1st April, 2016

    Found It!!!

    !:random!:! commented on 1st April, 2016


    FlyingJesus commented on 1st April, 2016

    Blimey I have found an egg

    FUNISMYME commented on 1st April, 2016


    Ruth-On-Toast commented on 1st April, 2016

    i see you hiding there trump

    neonebis commented on 11th September, 2017

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