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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

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The Habbox Awards 2021
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8 Things Old Habbos Can Relate To4
By - Posted 20th March, 2016 at 8:00 pm Habbo

Hi Habbos! I thought I’d take this chance, as an “old Habbo” to share with you a list of things that every “old Habbo” will understand, and maybe even some middle-aged Habbo’s too! 😉

Fancy a trip down memory lane? Or perhaps you just want to know what all the fuss was about “Back In My Day”. Join me to find out more!

1. Sorting Through Your Big Hand

Long before inventories were invented, old Habbos had the pleasure of storing all their goodies in a “big hand” – you’d be a fool to think there was any kind of organisation to this. Oh no – your lodge bed could be on page one, and your lodge lamp might be on page 10 (if you were lucky). There was no feeling worse than clicking the >>> button too many times and having to start the process again!

2. Having Flies In Your Purse

Having flies in your purse meant no money. Long before all the electronic banking malarky, we had our purses, which could be refilled by dialing a premium phone number, or texting from your mobile. You could eventually keep your “camera film” and “gaming tickets” in your purse too – fancy shmancy!

3. Visiting the Room-O-Matic

Old Habbos didn’t used to just click a button to create a room. You had a find a Room-O-Matic in the public lounges first. From there you could decide your room name, description and even choose from a wide choice of 4 different room layouts!

4. Habbo Raids

Not so common now, old Habbos (or new Habbos as they were then!) didn’t think twice about switching up their look to stand with the masses and protest against…. Something. Usually these would take place in the most common public rooms, blocking visitors from hanging out in their favourite spots. There’s a raider in my seat!!!

5. Create Your Habbo

Not only did the old Habbo’s have very limited choices when it came to styling your avatar, you had to return to the home page to do it! Imagine the horror…

“Hey Daisy, change your hair to blonde so we can be twins”
“Sure thing, BRB, just gotta reload”

And she never saw Daisy again…

6. Queuing Up For Diving Fame

Before you could have a swimming pool in your own room, you had to head to the Habbo Lido if you wanted to soak yourself. But there was a massive diving board, that only cost a few credits to dive off. You could queue for 30 minutes for your 3 seconds of fame. The perfect combination of WEASDZX typed into your keyboard would show your perfect dive on the “big screen” for all to see!

7. Getting the Coveted Typewriter

“Back in my day” there wasn’t an awful lot of rares about – everything was pretty “norm”. That was until wenders introduced the typewriter as a prize for her “newsie” – if your article was posted you could win this amazing rare! Despite my evidently fantastic skills, I was never chosen, and still hope to “get the coveted typewriter” to this day. I think it’s my favourite piece of furni!

8. Opening Ione’s Birthday Present

Join me as we head back to June 2002 when ione celebrated her birthday and the first “rares” were born. The Throne, The Samovar and the Holopod (now Holoboy!). Users would open the gift signed “luv Ione x” and receive one of these three fabulous gifts. Everyone got one – so it wasn’t so rare! Who’d have thought that 13 years later we would be using that same throne as a unit for measuring the value of our furni!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! I thought it might be fun to get all nostalgic again, and I definitely do miss some of the “old times”. This list isn’t exclusive by any means, so please join me in the comments below, or over at HabboxForums to discuss YOUR favourite memories!

Until Next Time…

Like! 1
    Kesuki commented on 20th March, 2016

    really cool :p i wanna try diving

    Bolt660 commented on 20th March, 2016

    AHHH I miss diving in Lido so much! :'(

    neonebis commented on 21st March, 2016

    I knooooowwwww!! I hate that the Lido was removed. RIP LIDO!!!!

    LovelyRainbow commented on 1st April, 2016

    Enjoyed this article! 😀

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