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Amazing Habbo Wonders! #40
By - Posted 15th February, 2017 at 2:01 pm Habbo

Have you ever wanted to discover new things? Do you like to see the nostalgic items? Here’s a room where you can do just that! Read more to hear about it now.

Behold The Museum of Habbo by Attached!

The Museum of Habbo holds a lot of furni from the older times – some of which only the oldest of Habbos will recognize. Habbos who have joined a bit more recently will be familiar with the other great items here. Nearly all of the furni is beautifully elevated on the stands for your eyes to see. The red carpets on the floor really add to the museum effect!

Credit Furni

Here is a showcase of all the credit furni; I love how the furni is presented in order from least valuable to the most valuable; the worth of these range from 1c – 1500c! Maybe you should try and get your hands on some of them! Some of the more valuable credit furni are:

  • Coin Suitcase – Worth 1500c
  • 2016 Bubble Juice – Worth 1200c
  • Diamond Duck – Worth 750c
  • Platinum Bar – Worth 500c


Showcased Furni

There’s a lot of other items from the past to take a look at! You can look at the trophies, chairs, mannequins, and more! I especially love the Habbo Home Poster; it brings back memories from when the ex. Habbo site was around. The throne is one of my favourite items here and I felt like royalty when I sat on it!

The Center of the Room

Wow! Check out all these other amazing things! There’s the Ditch the Label Vending Machines which dispense flags for you to hold. The Childline Rug is something that the older Habbos will remember. The thing that stood out for me was the giant T-Rex; this was released in 2010.

That was just the beginning. There’s a lot more to be discovered, but I’ll leave that for you to do! Enter the door teleport to go to the Museum Hallway!

Do you recognize any of the furni here? Did you discover anything new? Would you come to this room? Let us know in the comments section below! Click here to go to the Museum now!

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