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Badge Guide: [Habbox] A Camping Misadventure4
By - Posted 24th April, 2020 at 10:27 am HabboHabbo Guides


[Habbox] A Camping Misadventure


It’s a long road ahead! Pack your bags, double-check that survival kit list, and get ready to go on a camping trip through the Habbo hills – it’s the adventure of a lifetime… or is it?

Let us know what you think of the event in the comments below!


Room Owner:


Room Name:

[Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway



Click the elevator to begin!

Click “read more” to see how to get the badge!

Enter the teleport in the Official Rooms Hallway to begin!

Leaving Home

Step One:

Wait patiently in the queues.

Step Two:

Use the Runestone Teleport.


Step One:

Flick the hidden switches.

Once you’ve found all five switches, say done to teleport!

Step Three:

Enter the Outhouse Teleport.

Foraging for Food

Step One:

Use the long grass to find the berries!

*This changes regularly*

Step Two:

Flick the hidden switch to collect the frog!

Step Three:

Step on the tile when it is green to collect the wood!

Step Four:

Walk on the grass and floral patches to find the herbs!

Step Five:

Use the fishing line to collect the fish!

Step Six:

Enter the Outhouse Tele.

The Trail

Step One:

Choose a path! Enter either of the Outhouse Teles.

Be quick before it moves!

The Search for Water

Step One:

Use the swamp logs to cross the cursed swamp!

Step Two:

Make your way to the well.

Step Three:

Enter the Tree Teleport.

Go Fish!

Step One:

Step on any arrow plate to begin.

Step Two:

Make your way around the seats by using the fishing line when the scuba duck is in front of you.

Step Three:

Enter the Architeuthis.

A Wild Encounter!

Step One:

Sit on a Ted to receive your first badge.

*This changes regularly* 

Step Two:

Enter the Hot Springs Teleport.

Wild Animals Attack

Step One:

Avoid the Ravenous Wolves and flick the switch to open the gate.

Make your way up the mountain.

Step Two:

Make your way to the other side of the bridge by avoiding the Lamancha Goats.

Step Three:

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Watch Your Step!

Step One:

Use the one way gates and rollers to make your way to the first green tile!

Step Two:

Use the one way gates and rollers to make your way to the second green tile!

Step Three:

Enter the Tree Teleport.

The Bear

Step One:

Collect your camping supplies by walking on the four Romantic vines.

Step Two:

Enter the Architeuthis teleport.

The Bear’s Stomach

Step One:

Flick the switch to receive your badge!



We hope you enjoyed this Habbox awareness event!

*+*+ 👇 Leave a comment below about your experience. 👇 *+*+

Like! 7
    FlyingJesus commented on 24th April, 2020

    I HATE ROLLER MAZES cries but I made it through!

    Ozad commented on 24th April, 2020

    Thanks for the guide! Awesome event and amazing rooms. Thank you all!

    AlbertiK commented on 27th April, 2020

    wow, was impress!!!

    was hard on roller and transpixelr xDD but well, i done with that!! 😛

    Jarkie commented on 28th April, 2020

    I loved the room look and badges – habbox have done it again!!

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