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Badge Guide: [Habbox] Stay healthy, stay safe!7
By - Posted 24th March, 2020 at 2:10 pm HabboHabbo Guides



[Habbox] Stay healthy, stay safe!

In these difficult times more than ever it’s important to keep healthy and keep yourself safe! In our latest event, travel through various rooms showing different ways to keep healthy, and get your Habbo ready for being at home in the hotel. Hope you’re all OK and stay safe everyone!

Begin your journey to help raise awareness!

Let us know what you think of the event in the comments below!



Room Owner:


Room Name:

[Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway



Click the elevator to begin!

 Click “read more” to see how to get the badge!


Enter the teleport in the Official Rooms Hallway to begin


Hospital: The waiting room

Step One:

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step Two:

Listen to the bot show and wait to be teleported.

Step Three:

Tell the receptionist you would like to check in! 

‘I would like to check in please’

Step Four:

Enter the Mall tele-door.


How to stay fit: Exercise

Step One:

Go for a jog on the Gym Treadmill,

Step Two:

Join the runners for a race, use the inside lane!

Step Three:

Shoot for goal! Kick the Game Ball

Step Four:

Play some games, walk towards the Joystick

Step Five:

Enter the Portaloo


How to stay clean: Cleanliness

Step One:

Use the switches to mend the pipes!


Step Two:

Flick the hidden switch to grab the soap!

Step Three:


Use the sink to begin washing your hands!

Step Four:

Dry your hands by using the Toilet Roll Holder

Step Five:

Enter the Mall-Tele Door


How to stay healthy: Eating healthy

Step One:

Sit at the table with the Fruit Salad to teleport!

Be quick before it moves!

Step Two:

Enter the Lift Teleport


Operating theatre: The Summary

Step One:

Flick the switch and follow the bot instructions 

Step Two:

Flick the switch and answer the question,

‘What would be a good healthy food option?’

1. 5 a day (e.g. fruit and vegetables),

2. Fibre foods.

3. Dairy and/or Protein rich foods (e.g. fish),

 4. High caloric (Fatty foods),

5. All of the above.

Step Three:

Flick the switch and answer true or false to the following statement,

‘Aim to be physically active every day, you should always do very vigerous activities’

Step Four:

Flick the switch and answer the question,

‘Roughly how long should you wash your hands?’

Step Five:

Enter the Mall Lift teleport


GP Surgery: Badge room

Step One:

Find the correct Classic BB Chair or Spa Wheelchair to teleport

*This changes regularly* 

Step Two:

Use the Floor switch 1 to receive your badge!




We hope you enjoyed this Habbox awareness event!

*+*+ 👇 Leave a comment below about your experience. 👇 *+*+


Like! 3
    __tbl commented on 24th March, 2020

    Cute badge and cute rooms!

    MotiVation7 commented on 24th March, 2020

    Was interesting and enjoying.

    Thx for the guide.

    FlyingJesus commented on 24th March, 2020

    Apologies to anyone who got stuck in the Keep Fit room when it first opened – hadn’t anticipated such enormous numbers from the outset! Lovely to see so many people getting involved, hope the advice is taken aboard

    Jarkie commented on 25th March, 2020

    I really enjoyed this – Thank you to everyone who made it possible <3

    cameron446 commented on 25th March, 2020

    Cute badge and lovely room!

    jamiexo commented on 26th March, 2020

    Love this!

    Triz commented on 27th March, 2020

    Very nice event, was hoping for an event that lasted 8-10 hours, but I guess I’ll take what I can get! Going out of my mind being stuck at home AHHHH!

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