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Bank Game Fast Passes – Are they Fair?4
By - Posted 14th January, 2018 at 1:11 am Habbo

Habbo is a place where people chat, explore, build, and play games! There are many games that we can play including Falling Furni, Fridge Game, Danger Pod, Heaven or Hell and Bank Game. But of course, this costs a fortune for hosts when it comes to prizes! We are going to be looking at one of the ways hosts can generate money to keep on giving out prizes. Read on to find out the special way of generating money in game rooms!

When it comes to being a game host, it can cost so much to build a room, but that’s not all you have to pay out for – there’s also the prizes. As hosts keep running many games, chunks of credits leave their pockets, and before they know it, they may only have 2c left, maybe even none! There’s a simple way that they can keep on top of credits by just buying them. But what if they can’t buy credits? They then have to find another way to generate the funds for their game room, and they have! That’s why there has been a trend where hosts have chosen to include “Fast Passes” into their games where players can pay a fee to get into the game first! Today we’re just going to focus on the fast passes for the Bank Games.

There are many variations of fast passes. There are the simple ones where you can just simply get in first, then there are ones that include the special perks. These could be special gains such as a silver coin, gold coin, a sack or a goldbar. They could also be immunity where you are safe even when you or somebody else rolls a deadly number that has a negative effect on you (A.K.A number 3 – Pick to Kick). With immunity from P2K, no one can touch you, but you can still roll a 4 and lose, and you could still lose all your credits by donations, steals and losses.

This is where the argument about it comes in! Some people like the fact that they can buy fast passes, because of the perks, the immunity and the faster access. Maybe it’s worth it – maybe it’s a bargain for what you get with your fast pass! However, it may seem to be unfair; some hosts might set their prices ridiculously high, some people may think it goes against the Habbo Way as it’s compared to a “pay to win” or a “pay to stay”, and others think it’s just daft and overpowered! It can also slow down games when the host asks “WHO WANTS FAST PASSES?” The hosts tend to have to cope with negative comments about their fast pass systems while hosting, as people shout their criticisms out. Now I’m not going to lie, I have done it before!

My personal opinion on fast passes is that I like them; they’re useful and if they’re a way to generate money, then I’m for it, as long as it’s fair and not too overpowered.

What is your opinion on fast passes? Let me know in the comments section below! Be sure to check out for our radio, articles, and information about our fansite!

Don’t forget to check out for the latest updates, competitions and discussions!

For information about Habbo, its furni and its history, go to!

Like! 3
    FUNISMYME commented on 14th January, 2018

    Tbf, like you say, hosts need to get more credits somehow, but also hosts do no refunds, so even if you wanted too, you couldn’t get your money back which means they get the coins no matter what. I’ve won over 50c in a bank game before so really, I’m on the edge.

    Badr56 commented on 14th January, 2018

    Good article Mad, I think for the fairness no it is not fair for users to use fastpass in their bank games, that is also why they are not very popular compared to other banke games.
    I can’t stop comparing this to the p2p, rev and auto u had in games back in the days wich are now not aloud in any games, I think people should just do what they do, if they want to use fastpass then let them.
    About the critisism I think it is pretty imposible for host to take in complaints from various people while hosting, I have a motto saying “You dont like the game? well then dont play”.

    madison0442 commented on 14th January, 2018

    Thanks for your comments, guys! x

    Ekelektra commented on 17th January, 2018

    I think if hosts want to offer it they can but should be clear about what a fast pass means. If people want to do it then they can but if they think it’s not worth it, then they won’t. The money the host gets will only go back into the prize anyway and they’ll be able to host for longer.

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