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Why COVID-19 Might Be The Best Thing For Habbo8
By - Posted 18th April, 2020 at 9:32 pm HabboThe Real World


With the rise of COVID-19, Habbo has seen a spike of users returning to the game they loved so long ago. Most countries are on lockdown, with many not being allowed to leave their homes. Old users of the game have returned, bringing with them old furni, and money to be spent on credits, but what about new players? Is this a golden opportunity for Habbo? Read on to find out more..

Love it or hate it, many of the old Habbo users have been long gone for a while now, leaving behind insane rares, and money for Sulake. They have grown up, got jobs, and have started families. In my eyes, the hotel has seen a huge decrease in players, and struggled to pull in younger crowds. Now yes, I have seen younger players around the hotel, but the vast majority have been here for years.

With the COVID-19 shutdown, Habbo could take full advantage of getting new players in. Teenagers are going to have a lot of time on their hands, and not much to do. Habbo could really take full advantage of this by airing ads on YouTube, or even on TV. With the increased Habbo population we have at the moment, teenagers will love this game, and then they will tell their friends about this awesome game called Habbo Hotel.

Like I have said before, we have a lot of older players coming in, increasing our population, and probably making Sulake a nice amount of money. If Habbo makes the most of this, we could see Habbo come back to the old days, and have packed rooms. Now is the time, and they have to make the most of it, drawing in more players for Habbo 2020!

It is now, or never Habbo. Make the most of it!



What do you think? Is this the ideal time for Habbo to invest in marketing the game for new players?

Like! 4
    Sectional commented on 18th April, 2020

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen an advert for Habbo before.. Can’t see them starting now lol

    Jarkie commented on 18th April, 2020

    It’s nice to see habbo busy again – but the lag is such a killer

    OnlineX commented on 19th April, 2020

    Great article and enthusiasm, but I think Habbo already know this but reluctant to take that extra step forward, they need a solid ad to attract the audience. Building an ad could take days or weeks if they want to deliver it right plus also making sure it does not send any wrong messages. Great read though 😀

    FlyingJesus commented on 19th April, 2020

    They should definitely re-release the ancient advert with SEE YOU ON HABBO HOTEL… WHERE ELSE??????

    YellowBelli commented on 19th April, 2020

    It could happen! It doesn’t NEED to cost loads of money. Just some creativity and a fabulous team … They used to do adverts, right? Even if it’s just in teen magazines. Fingers crossed <3

    iamdanny commented on 19th April, 2020

    All the new players and all of the old one’s that have returned will just lose interest again when the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Habbo is not as fun as it used to be. Habbo UK was 10000x better than this.

    Grayham commented on 25th April, 2020

    Sadly most the OLD users as we have all discussed for the past 2 weeks are more likely to return if we could get our old accounts back, but customer service has been letting so many of us old players down, they just copy and paste 6 month messages, so most us old players cant get our accounts back as we are older than the 6 months by many many years!! 10 years + but habbo wont look at our old accounts, so sadly the majority have nothing to stay for and are angry at customer service, proof and storys are under #BringUsBackHabbo on twitter @BackHabbos

    EEQQLLQQ commented on 8th June, 2020

    I remember habbo adverts on certain platforms, that’s certainly how I found the game ages ago.

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