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Big New Update Update!3
By - Posted 8th October, 2015 at 11:25 pm HabboHabbo Updates


I recently spoke to you guys about a big new update that we were told was coming ‘around Halloween’, and speculation has been thrown about left, right and center. People on and off the hotel have been trying to guess what they think it is, and after speaking to our friend Macklebee in the Help Desk again, we were even more perplexed… until this week. This week, a few clues cropped up, and we’ve got everything we’ve learned so far to share with you, our beloved readers – and we think it’s got something to do with these little beauties!


Firstly, casting our mind back to the last article¬†I wrote for you guys, we knew from a few pointers, including Macklebee’s visit, that the new update would be rather revolutionary in that it had not been an avenue Sulake has pursued before. That threw a few big contenders like voice chat and the return of public room mini-games right out the window, and only caused us to guess more. Our friend Macklebee popped back again this week to have a nice chat with us (massive thanks to David for recording that conversation!), and gave us a few more¬†tidbits on what it was – and arguably more importantly – what it wasn’t.

What does all of this mean? Well, for starters, it’s been discussed at great length as to whether or not name changes are coming to Habbo. It’s been a long sought out feature for years now, and gossip has it that Habbo Club members will be able to change their usernames. Though that hasn’t been officially confirmed, the rumours haven’t been quashed either. Macklebee didn’t seem particularly dismissive of the subject either, which generally gives off the vibe that the rumour has legs, and that an official announcement may¬†be nearby. Also, a few nifty changes are coming to the Habbo help tool, which were half anticipated after recent rumours surrounding a new help system, Ambassador changes, and even the return of Hobbas (which isn’t a thing, don’t worry). But as our secretive friend said, that’s still not enough to constitute the big change coming this October. So what is it? Well, we think it’s this!


Wow! What a lot of stuff! Admittedly, we don’t know a great deal right now. What we do know is that it appears to be some sort of crafting system, perhaps similar, if not related to that of the Habbo Furni-Matic system. It appears to be a basic input-output jobby, as shown by the second image in our list (which is literally the entire catalogue interface page, without the catalogue, obviously). The crystals appear to be a dark/light or bad/good variation, but it’s not clear what they’re used for or what purpose the differences serve. The big brown striped image is likely the visual for the front page announcement, and the mallet with, what we’re guessing is a water and fire spout with steam or smoke clouds is likely the icon for the catalogue. Below that, the same icon with more steam/smoke clouds is a banner, again most likely for the catalogue page for the feature.

Both purple and blue crystals have three variations; a small, medium and large version, but again it’s not clear what the three differences are. Badge hunters will be pleased to see a good few joining with whatever this crafting malarky is. We could only find seven for the achievement, and another four badges featuring a question mark (presumably for the result you get after crafting?). A final badge features a purple orb with a number of green and blue circles around. Not sure what that’s for, could just be the badge you get for trying the feature once. Lastly, the three orbs have different animations. The first is rather dormant and flashes a bit, the second makes it glow and then lights up with a shock, and the third emits a puff of smoke. Not a clue what those are for – initially I thought they were furni, but now I’m not so certain.

All in all, this looks promising to be a big feature, as foreshadowed. Only time will tell what this feature will bring, or how involved it will be. In a final piece of news, our beloved Macklebee (yes, him again) accidentally let slip a hidden secret about the Habbo Staff and their badge that not many people were aware of.

What do you think of the updates? Are you pleasantly surprised? Bitterly disappointed?¬†Withholding¬†judgement until you know¬†all the finer details? Let me know in the comments below what you think, and whether or not you’re excited for the upcoming changes this October!

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    David commented on 9th October, 2015

    This stuff looks boring, hope it’s not that.

    Baabycakezz commented on 9th October, 2015

    Very interesting and exciting!! Had no idea about all those pictures you have!

    broski3.0 commented on 10th October, 2015

    If it is, they best keep it exciting to some degree.