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Bobjim99 – My Habbo Story1
By - Posted 22nd August, 2016 at 11:19 pm Habbo

Today, I’m going to be telling you all of the ups and downs that I have had whilst playing Habbo.

One day, I thought I would go on my laptop and play some games with my friends. We had a random talk about ourĀ favourite games and one ofĀ my friends said he loved Habbo Hotel. So naturally, I asked him what Habbo was and he toldĀ me that it was an online multiplayer game, which I love.Ā So I proceeded toĀ makeĀ an account called Jimbob9999. Continue reading to see my full story.

After a few weeks, IĀ had made a lot of friends on Habbo, one of whichĀ was called Harry. He told me that he was making a school, so I asked him if I could be the headmaster. His response was:Ā sure but it will cost you. I thought that he might want aĀ rare Habbantium Skeleton that I had won in a giveaway. He accepted,Ā so IĀ gave it to him, but little did I know that he would unfriend me and not build a school. It just showed me how twisted some people can be.

I thenĀ started a coin shop after winning some furni, and sold a few good items. After a while, I got a PM from one of my friends describing this website that I should visit that looked like it was a part of the Habbo world. The next day, I logged on to notice that my account had been hacked.

A month later, I rejoined Habbo once again with my current account bobjim99. Eventually, IĀ found moreĀ friends. I started joining agencies and fansites. I am now at the amazing and my agency is Legion Of Heroes. These days,Ā I sell and buy from shops, which is one of the things I love doing on Habbo. I hope this has made you aware of the risks that can be linkedĀ toĀ going on a website you don’t know is safe, and to watch who you make friends with.

Let me know your stories below!

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    bobjim99 commented on 14th September, 2017

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    […] There you will find 56268 more Infos: […]

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