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Winter Bundles0
By - Posted 14th December, 2015 at 12:10 am HabboHabbo Updates

Well, have you all seen latest editions to the Habbo Bundle line? It will certainly make you want to wrap up warm with this chilly offer! So, let’s take a look and see what you could be getting when you purchase the latest offer.

So, here it is, all you need for your very own chilly wonderland.

5 Ice Dividers, 7 Snowy Posters, 1 Snowboard Ramp, Icy Teleports, 1 Geyser, 1 Grunge Barrel, 1 Icy Lantern, 1 Snow Seat, 13 Ice Patches, 1 Campfire, 2 Icy Divider Corners, 6 Snowboard Patches, 1 Icy Table, 1 Icy Xmas Tree, 2 Bear Topiary, 1 Icy Fish Hole, 2 Snow Puffs, 1 Hot Tub, 2 Cube Trees, 2 Icy Chairs.

I have to admit, I love all the bundles they bring out; each one is so unique. When you purchase the Christmas Bundles Habbo releases, there is a certain piece of furniture that you can collect from them all. Have you noticed what piece of furniture that is? Yes, you guessed it, the Topiary furniture.

There have been 3 up for grabs so far within the bundles. You have the Reindeer one that was out at the start of December. Then in one of the recent bundles, you were able to get the Seal Topiary. This can still be purchased with the Bavarian Bundle. (I will go through the Bavarian Bundle towards the end.) In this bundle, you can collect the little Bear Topiary, which I just love.

I think that they all add that little Christmas touch to your Habbo rooms. There was also the Squirrel Topiary available that can be found in the Caribbean Christmas Bundle.

Let’s take a look at the other bundle available for you to purchase on the lead up to Christmas.

So, out in the catalogue at the moment is the Bavarian Bundle. The furniture that has been brought out with this range is just gorgeous and the detail in the furniture is perfect. It adds that cute yet festive feeling, spreading the Christmas joy. Here is a picture of what you can get with your little purchase.

1 Beige and Brown Timber Frame Building, 1 Gingerbread, Candy and Toy Market Stall, 2 Bushy Pine Trees, 1 DIY Christmas Tree, 10 Dark Snow Patches, 9 Rocky Roads, 1 Ice Skating Patch, 1 Red & Blue Snowy Roof, 1 Brown & Grey Stone Building, 2 Wooden Cabin Stools, 1 Bratwurst Market Install, 1 Bandstand, 1 Winter Shrub, 1 Dark Wood Fence, 1 Market Stall, 1 Christmas Archway, 1 Christmas Poinsettia, 2 Snow Capped Mountains and 1 Seal Topiary.

So, that’s what you have available at the moment to create your very own festive rooms to let your creative side flow and the Christmas spirit glow.

What is your favourite furni from these bundles? Tell me below!

Thank you all for reading!



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