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Christmas 2015 LTD’s!3
By - Posted 5th December, 2015 at 12:38 am HabboHabbo Updates

What’s that sound? You guessed it, it’s time for the Christmas LTD’s to roll on in! You know the drill guys, every now and again Habbo decide to put some Limited Edition (LTD) rares into the Habbo catalogue, and it seems as though this year we’re getting some furni especially designed for the Christmas season! Looks like we’re gonna get a chance to add a nutcracker, a festive looking well, a frozen fountain and a sparkling reindeer to our Habbo inventories in the near future! The dates for the releases of these LTD’s have also been released and are as follows:

5th December – Nutcracker
12th December – Reindeer
19th December – Christmas Well
26th December – Frozen Fountain



Honestly, I think each of the four are a winner. They all look pretty cool to me (pun intended), especially the nutcracker. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these four upcoming rares though, so please feel free to comment down below on which ones you like or dislike, which one is your personal favourite and whether you plan on getting involved or not!

Make sure to mark these dates in your Habbo calendars and get ready to get into the Christmas spirit with these LTD’s along with the new range of Christmas furni that was released just days ago. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and of course, a happy new year!

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    lawrawrrr commented on 5th December, 2015

    I kinda like the reindeer but the ribbon is a bit lazy looking, art wise? Idk. The fountain thing is literally gorgeous though so fingers crossed!!!

    welshcake commented on 5th December, 2015

    Yeah, I love the fountain actually. I doubt I’ll even attempt to get but I think it’s cute.

    elegance commented on 7th December, 2015

    i want the fountain and the well!!!! ahhhh theyr’e both so cute