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Christmas is coming!! An honest review of the 89(!) new furni found…3
By - Posted 24th October, 2018 at 11:20 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Christmas is coming! The Coke truck may not be making its rounds yet, but one important email dropped into fansites’ inboxes earlier today:

Habbo’s upcoming Christmas line!

We have 89 new images (89!!) of all kinds of Christmas and winter related fun. In this review I’m going to talk you through them all and give my brutally honest opinion! Click Read more and Comment below to see it all!


Matryoshka dolls

The first ‘collection’ is a set of are-they-cute-or-are-they-just-a-bit-creepy Russian Nesting Dolls. I’m glad they used the traditional style for the second set, but I honestly can’t see them being that useful – except in decorations for a rainbow room maybe?

The Christmas set itself is quite cute and I have a feeling that Santa is going to be used in several fansite events this year! It scares me though, with a set like this, that we’re going to get another crafting situation where we have to spend all our hard-earned credits to get a full set. Hopefully not, especially not for a VERY seasonal set…

Overall opinion: eh, shrug.




 These gift-related items confused me. Are they furni?? Are they another type of gift? Are they a promo image? The gifts are cute for sure (and will come in useful for graphics I’m sure, as they’re much smaller than the default Habbo gifts!) – the bows are adorable! I also really like how they’ve tried to address some diversity in the bots this year. I know it was Victorian Christmas and everything last year but… really? Other than a Christmas event I really can’t see any use for the Elf ones. Hope they’re not too expensive if they are furni…

Overall opinion: bit useless tbh?


Pet stockings

Right, let’s not lie here. These are (mostly) ADORABLE. I love the animated one particularly!! From left to right, let’s go through them.

  1. WTF is this
  2. The cutest
  3. Also the cutest
  4. GRUMPY CAT LOOKS GRUMPY creepy but adorable
  5. The paws do not match the face at all, graphics wise, but cute
  6. Terrifying. What are those eyes. Looks like goggles. Kill it with fire. Sorry Sphinx cats, you’re creepy.
  7. This is the weirdest looking dog. Same issue with the odd looking paws as number 5, but that face looks so fat I can’t tell what breed it’s even supposed to be?? Beady eyes for that extra creep factor.

The candy cane dripping off the second dog was also sent as a separate file so I wonder if this is the christmas ‘gifting’ option or something this year, or if it is just a weird extra on that image?

Overall opinion: very split between cute and just no



Onto the best part, right? Clothes!! As a side note here, just looking at all the little collections above and my main question here is wtf is the theme of the Christmas event this year?? Seems to be everything from animals to music (see later) to Russian dolls to elves…

Anyway. I’ve got to start with the hideous outfits. I’m sure the dress COULD look cute, but it looks so short, the petal bit on the right seems to have a mind of its own and wtf is the yellow bit supposed to be? Looks like icing on a cake. Am I missing something?? The jacket is cuter (giving me nutcracker vibes) but not super Decembery.

The Christmas tree jumper I assume is going to be like the other jumpers that already exist – alright, nothing special. The mittens though, love those. 10/10.

Head stuff next.

  1. Hair is vile (why do they always miss the mark on hair??)
  2. The woollen beanie is cuuuute, I’ve been pining for a bobble hat for years!
  3. Ah look, another wreath. Just what we all need. (still cute though)
  4. See above. Less cute.
  5. The reindeer hat is angering me greatly because (gets out zimmer frame) it’s replacing the traditional shitty non-HC reindeer hat 🙁 all those CC presaved costumes, ruined 🙁
  6. Christmas tree hat is a great idea. Great repurposing of the party hats.
  7. Halo is adorable. I’m totes gonna be an angel.
  8. Snowman – huge, but cute again
  9. Pigeon? Baby dove? Bird? Again is very cute. I feel like Sho is almost definitely going to buy this.

Overall opinion: cute, with a few misses.




When I say craft, you say ting! Craft!!!!

I’m not going to lie, dear readers, I hate crafting. I think it’s such a money-grab and I personally find it really hypocritical – we all had to close down sinos, stop selling stuff, no p2p, no gambling, but you can spend loads on “items” and gamble on the outcome of something being worth nothing? Sure. That’s just my personal opinion but whatever. When I saw there were SO MANY PARTS to the Christmas campaign I 100% sat there and said I bet one of these is crafting. Then I saw these things.

Absolutely undeniable the cutest, most consistent range of the lot – and very, very good use of their names to decorate them, so massive kudos to the design team here. I actually love them and wouldn’t mind a set for myself. I just have a horrible feeling they’re going to be crafting, collectible items. They’ve even got a built-in rare special one with Rudolph. Pls pls pls don’t be crafting!!

Overall opinion: CUTE. Best of the whole collection IMO.


Building bits

I’m no pro builder myself but I can see some great potential with the building bits and pieces here. I love the magical purpley-blue floor, the marble-type walls are super cute, and that starry wall thing is fab. Anyone know what the M stands for on the stairs? Again this is giving me Nutcracker vibes though (maybe just because I’ve been seeing the adverts on YouTube ALL DAY) so maybe that’s where they’re going with this? I think it’s all OK, there’s just not a ton of it. Would definitely have to mix some other bits and pieces in to make a room. Maybe they’ll deliver a ballroom bundle, something like that?


Overall opinion: Alright, not inspiring.

Misc little bits

These didn’t fit anywhere else!

Apparently the first three are a ball pit, bouncy castle and ticket booth. Christmas funfair theme now, whaaaat in mixed messaging hell is going on here??

I’m lumping these ones together as I think these will probably be our December LTDs. I do love the egg – all the Habberge eggs are a really cool idea, but this one seems huuuge in comparison to the others. I feel like the dancer should be a lot smaller – and spin!

The snowy tree is cute, will look great in snow-themed rooms. Weird that it seems to be the only snow-related item though..

The light tree reminds me of the reindeer that was released a few years ago. Cute, I like this.

The fountain is OK, but a bit small imo.

Lumping all the animals/people together here really shows off the disjointedness of all the releases, I feel. Hard veto on the penguin and polar bear. What is with that colouring?

Love a good Hedwig though. I mean… non-branded white owl. The blinking/winking animation is really adorable too, and the flapping wings is a lovely touch. Best one of the lot.

Snowman is OK, very similar to what we already have though.

The people are OK – again, very good animations (have they hired a new animation person or something? They seem so much more interactive and different than the last few years!). The blue one is supposed to be Father Frost who I THINK is a character in the Nutcracker, which is what has led me to my guess they’re doing something based on the film this year! All fairly cute, but can’t see them being used anywhere much tbh.

The most exciting part for me was DEFINITELY seeing a PIANO COMING TO THE HOTEL!!! I’m a musician myself so I 1000000% want one of these. I love the way it looks as well. So classic and sleek. The harp is cute too, wondering if that’s to go with the angel halo and dress from the clothing section?


The last bits are all pretty generic room decoration, and the turtle will be the competition prize. Nothing special to see here, move on move on.

Overall opinion: Still confused about the theme, but some real gems


Last thoughts

WELL there you go everyone – my honest review of all the Christmas goodies coming to Habbo. My last thoughts really are just to say there is SO MUCH new stuff coming in December. I personally feel like it’s a bit too much – the themes seem really unclear or like there’s far too much going on, but I’d hope they have a plan?

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Like! 7
    YellowBelli commented on 25th October, 2018

    Oo interesting! It’s definitely a Christmas theatre kind of theme.. going by the Nutcracker furni and theatre/hall type building furnis.. plus ticket booth with swan lake poster. The M is for NYC subway I believe, after a little google! The rest of it looks like gift furni to me. Cute!

    FUNISMYME commented on 30th October, 2018

    I can’t wait for these to come out!! They look sooo cute <3

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