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[Habbox] Celebrating Christmas with Habbox!1
By - Posted 17th December, 2022 at 7:16 pm HabboHabbo GuidesHabbox

Join Habbox in celebrating Christmas!

Room Owner: Ozad

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway

Difficulty: Easy

Search Habbox Official Rooms Hallway or type in :roomid 76865794 to begin!

The Official Rooms Hallway!

Enter the Door teleport to proceed to the next room!

Winter Streets

Find and walk on the correct Tiki Fence Gate.

Use the Attic Door Tele.

Night Before Christmas

Wait patiently in the queue.
You have 90 seconds to play the game.

Step on the Yellow Color Tile and say “iron clothes“.

Step on the Color Tile and say “wash dishes”.

To get upstairs, walk on the Marble Tiles.

Step on the Color Tile and say “put away clothes”.

Step on the Color Tile and say “take a shower”.

Step on the Color Tile and say “sleep until Christmas morning”.

Use the Hot Spring Teleport.

Hidden Switches

Find and use the six hidden switches.

When all the lights are green, say done.

Use the Toolset to receive your first badge.

Use the Climbing Rope.

Spot the Difference

Find and name the ten differences on the left side of the room.

When all the lights are green, say done.

Enter Santa’s Fireplace Teleport.

Ice Fishing

Find and use the correct Fishing Hole.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

A Christmas Cabin

Make your way to the cabin walking only when the lanterns are lit.

Use the Attic Door Tele.

Christmas Cabin Interior

Find and flick the six hidden switches around the room.

When all the Color Tiles are green, say done.

Use the Long Lost Teleport.

Gingerbread House

Wait patiently in the queue.

Use the arrow tiles to get the Gingerbread Divider to the Green Color Tile.
Walk anywhere once it’s on the color tile.

Flick the switch to receive your final badge!

We hope you enjoyed this event.

*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 3
    FlyingJesus commented on 18th December, 2022

    Such cute festive rooms! Loved it, nice fun trip through the rooms

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