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Corona Diaries: The Return of the Missing Habbos4
By - Posted 15th April, 2020 at 12:00 pm HabboThe Real World


On a scale of 1-10, how bored have you been in this quarantine? A lot of “non front-liners” have been struggling with being productive the past month because of the “lock in” or “quarantine” . Some result to eating everything in their pantries and refrigerators (that’s right, I’m talking to you), others exercise in their homes, and there are also those who still feel the stress of work while they’re finishing their office tasks at home.

But there are some who have returned to Habbo Hotel after months, or even years because of the quarantine! I, for one, am part of that list. Read on to hear more..


I started playing Habbo around 2011, and my childhood involved sleepless nights playing Cozzie Change, managing my coin shop and trying to catch up with friends in other parts of the world. It was pretty difficult being in the Philippines because of the different timezones. Fast forward to 4th year high school, I got busy and I ended up neglecting the account. And now we fast forward once again to March 2020! After 5 long years of being inactive in Habbo, I decided to log back in to see if it can feed off of my boredom. Oh boy was I amazed with all the changes and new furniture! I was also surprised to see that coins go directly to your purse when you trade now! But despite the changes and losing my old friends from way back in 2015, I got drawn back in and restarted my usual habit of starting and ending the day with Habbo! The addiction for this game just might lose this working 21 year old’s job cause she’d rather sell furni than meet her deadlines in the office!

I was also able to interview some Habbo players who have returned after many years! They had the same reasons as me for returning, and they were gracious enough to give us their time to share their story;


Participating, shared that she used to play consecutively from 2005 until around 2013. She went on and off Habbo from 2016 and left in 2018. She came back just when the quarantine happened and she’s been online ever since! Habbo still feels the same to her from back in 2005 and she’s glad that she’s able to interact and catch up with her old friends again. Joining RPs and games is what she mostly does in the Hotel. Habbo’s helped with keeping her days occupied and it helped lessen the boredom. Interacting with people her age in Habbo helps a lot from being locked in. When she’s not playing Habbo, she exercises at home. She’ll be in the Hotel to pass the time! So don’t hesitate to drop by and say hi!


Another returning Habbo player is JoshuaGodfrey! He came back after years of playing Habbo. He created his first account in 2014. He left because the RP rooms started to bore him, but ever since he came back, he went back to joining RP rooms. He’s currently the Head of Ashfield High and has successfully gathered staff to help run the school. Ashfield High is one of the first Habbo High School RPs and it’s still up and running today! But besides actively running a High School RP room, he’s been spending time with his family during the quarantine. We’ll be seeing JoshuaGodfrey around Habbo until the end of the quarantine! Visit Ashfield High School to join in the fun!

Habbo has been an avenue for us to interact with others while stuck in our own homes, so we are able to join fun activities in the midst of this virus outbreak that has shaken the entire world. It’s great that we who are comfortable in our own homes can find ways to keep busy, but let’s also remember those who are risking their lives to save others, and those who don’t get to have the comfort we do. If you can, find a way to donate and help families in need!

Like! 11
    iamdanny commented on 15th April, 2020

    i have resorted to eating everything in my pantry

    Ekelektra commented on 15th April, 2020

    The old players returning has been so wonderful its great to see some old names back again

    triciamazing commented on 15th April, 2020

    loved reading this!! i also came back to habbo after a couple years cause of the quarantine. i super related to this!

    OnlineX commented on 15th April, 2020

    Great read, thank you for sharing!

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