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Habbox Summer Spectacular

Habbox Summer Spectacular

Our annual tournament is BACK! Make friends, get points and win PRIZES this Summer.

Habbox Summer Spectacular
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Crafting Recipes!0
By - Posted 12th October, 2015 at 3:36 pm HabboHabbo Guides

So our suspicions about the new update incoming were confirmed with the crafting feature, and people across the hotel have been having fun collecting crystals, mashing them up in the altar and getting a rather cute furni with them! In fact, there’s a badge up for grabs for anyone who helps to make a mask using their crafting altar! But enough about that, people have been searching high and low to figure out all of Habbo’s secret recipes – a batch of ingredients needed to make a certain furni of varying shapes and sizes – and we’ve got them right here!

Yes, there’s a number of interesting (if rather random) secret recipes to be found, aside from the hotel-wide public recipes currently consisting of a number of different Habbocalypse clothing you’ve almost definitely seen around. Though it’s mostly furni, you can get yourself some special effects for your Habbo, and a hairstyle. The mariachi dolls are likely the most expensive items that you can craft, but it has been noted that a lot of the ingredients for the recipes aren’t very cost-efficient. For example, it would likely cost you more to obtain a Large Lost Souls Crystal, a Lamancha Goat and a Guillotine, than it would to buy the actual Goat Mask for 3 credits in the catalogue, especially with the prices of the crystals fluctuating in the marketplace – but different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Anyway, enough of me wittering on about that – here is the current list of hidden recipes found throughout Habbo right now – good luck completing them all, if that’s your aim! Huge thanks to the guys and girls at Puhekupla for their nifty little recipe list!


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