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Limited Edition Rares

Limited Edition Rares

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Limited Edition Rares
Expensive Marketplace Furni!1
By - Posted 4th June, 2017 at 5:36 pm Habbo

Have you ever curiously browsed the Habbo Marketplace? Sometimes the furni can seem a bit expensive for what they are. Maybe you might want to know why it’s so costly! If you want to check out a few of the expensive furni, read more!

When we’ve got credits, we either want to spend or to save! Regardless of that we still like to browse the marketplace out of curiosity. There’s some furni where we can see why it’s so expensive; it could be something that isn’t seen everyday. There’s also the furni that makes us wonder why it’s got such a big price! Let’s take a look at some furni that take a big chunk of credits out of our purse (or wallet)!

Please note that the prices were found on the 4th June 2017!

Pink Dragon Lamp

Pink Dragon 2.png

Right now you are looking at one of the most expensive furni items in the marketplace! You won’t believe how much it costs: 12625c! Its average is a bit lower, only 11889c, but still really expensive! This was released in the catalogue on every hotel on the 12th January 2013 and was priced at 750c. This was the first Limited Edition Rare to be released that year and just 80 of them were available to purchase in the marketplace. All 80 of these dragons sold out in less than a minute!

Fish Hat

File:Fish hat.png

This one little hat has an incredibly high price in the marketplace: 4000c with an average of 4360c! I’ve never known why this is so costly, nor do I know anything about it! This is just one of those furnis that make you wonder why it’s so expensive! Do you think this is reasonably expensive?

Habbowood Chair

Bonus Directors chair.gif

Just from the name I can tell that this is meant to be very valuable! The Habbowood Chair costs 11223c on the marketplace. There is no average on the item. This was first seen in 2007 in the catalogue on four of the hotels. It was very rare in the UK hotel. It was given to the winners of the HAFTAs and to one winner of a Bullybuster competition! This was originally known as the Director’s Chair.

Pink Laser Portal

Pink Laser Portal.gif

This furni is a v7 super rare! The gate costs 13736c and has the average has the same value. It’s not known when this was released and where it came from so this is quite a mysterious furni. That is probably why it’s so expensive!

Would you buy any of these? Do you think any of these are too costly for what they are? Let me know in the comments section below!

Like! 7
    Symbols commented on 26th January, 2018

    pink dragon sure 80 of them sold i would understand the rarity of it

    fish hat is insane don’t get it at all like i would rather get a infobus cause i would be tempted to wear the hat lol

    habbowood chair i feel is lame for its price no thnxs i wouldn’t pay more than the throne sofa

    pink gate is the best you don’t ever see it unless you stalk rare rooms and find rare items otherwise its hard to find this pink gate

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