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Fright Night with Habbox & HFFM!7
By - Posted 13th October, 2015 at 6:33 pm HabboHabbo Guides

It’s Halloween throughout the hotel right now, and if the Habbocalypse isn’t enough to keep you satiated, we’ve got all manner of rooms Scream, Walking Dead, Fright Night and Ouija to keep you occupied in the mean time – and if you’re good enough to survive the frightful layouts, there is some terrifying badges in it for you too! Can you wake up from this horrible dream and make it back to reality to claim your badge?

Step 1

Firstly, finding the room is very simple. Open up your navigator on the hotel and search for ‘Habbox’, ‘HFFM’ or ‘Plebings’ – or click this link right HERE to be sent straight to the room!

Step 2

When you arrive in the room, make your way across the cinema lobby to the red door marked ‘1’!

Step 3

Once inside, you’ll have to wait until all of the levers are yellow to continue – there may be a game currently ongoing. Once the levers turn yellow, click one resembling the furni that you would like to hide behind, under or in – the bed, the wardrobe, the vase, the table, the shower, or the trash can. It doesn’t matter which you choose, it’s all a matter of chance! The yellow levers only stay yellow for a short while, so pick one while you have the chance.

Step 4

Here is where things get interesting. Watch the right side of the room, now. Ghostface will search the house looking for Habbos. He’ll search the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom looking for you. The places he does and doesn’t check will change each time, so you may be very lucky first time around, or be trying for a good few attempts. Don’t worry if he finds you – your lever will turn red if he catches you, blue if you stay safe, and green if you escaped him!

Step 5

Did you manage to survive? Good! All you need to do is step through the teleporter to continue! If you didn’t just repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until you do!

Step 6

When you’re in the next room, traverse the orange pods and the rollers without touching the floor. Stand on the blue arrow tile when you reach the end successfully. Be careful when moving off at the same time as another Habbo, or one of you will have to restart.

Step 7

You’ll be teleported to the other part of the room, with the entire alphabet and levers. You need to spell out a seven letter word relating to Halloween, such as ‘VAMPIRE’, ‘PUMPKIN’, ‘ZOMBIES’, ‘MONSTER’, ‘LANTERN’ or ‘MURDERS’. Every time you hit a correct letter lever, you’ll be teleported back to the start of the pods to do the next letter. Hit the wrong lever and you’ll have squandered your opportunity. Keep an eye on the word you are trying to spell through the window. Every time the game resets, the right word changes.

You can only hit one switch at a time before you have to make the journey again. If a word repeats a letter, you don’t have to hit it twice, though. Keep an eye out that you don’t flick a switch that another Habbo flicks, or one of you will waste your chance – it’s all about teamwork in this room.


Step 8

When you’ve successfully completed the word, you’ll need to flick the switch at the beginning of the room, next to the orange pod. It will teleport you to the end zone and Lost Souls Portal. If you managed to complete the word but don’t flick that switch, you’ll have wasted your time and effort, so be quick – it only lets you use it for a short amount of time!

Step 9

Once you’re all done with that, step through the next portal to progress!

Step 10

The next room can be a bit tricky – especially if it’s busy! You need to make your way from the school bus to the fiery pits without the werewolves catching you. To confirm; if they make contact with you, you’ll be sent back to the beginning, so be careful! They move anywhere between the flower beds right up to the friendship tree, and sometimes group together quite closely, so be careful of that. Other Habbos might crash into you and accidentally sabotage you, so timing is essential! Good luck! Step through the fiery pits when you’ve done.

Step 11

When you step through the fiery pits, depending on which one you stepped through, you’ll end up on either the blue side or the red side. The red side is for the right-hand side of the room, and the blue is for the left. You and a partner (or two or three, sometimes) must work together to squeeze the zombie into the open porches using the arrow tiles that you are teleported to – when it squeezes into these porches it will open a gate. When every gate is opened, your access to the stone teleporter is clear! This room requires more teamwork than any other room, so take your time and good luck!

Step 12

Once you’ve made it through the rock teleporter, you’ll end up in the cinema again – you’ve had quite the ordeal in those rooms, so naturally you’ll want to let someone know: ‘Now that was frightening!’ Once you say that when sat in the car, the rope divider will lift up allowing you to teleport to the chair. Step through the final door teleporter to claim your badge! Thank you so much for reading this badge guide, and for playing along with Habbox & HFFM, and have a terrifying Halloween!

Like! (No Ratings Yet)
    SpaceCoboye commented on 13th October, 2015

    This badge sucks, wtf!

    lawrawrrr commented on 14th October, 2015

    ikr literally terrible 😉

    great guide 😀 I really love this event (and I swear that’s not just because I’m horrible biased…)

    thms commented on 14th October, 2015


    what i hate is this article. the resized pictures are stretching and it’s driving me CRAZY! they’re hiding behind the widgets :'( sobs. jk cute article thx it helped a lot 😀 (not i already did it h hah )

    welshcake commented on 15th October, 2015

    Yeah I might change the sizes of the images now
    Just realised it!!!!
    Awesome article, awesome event
    well done guys

    welshcake commented on 15th October, 2015


    thms commented on 15th October, 2015

    thanks lauren x

    mdport. commented on 18th October, 2015

    Awesome guide, Drew 🙂

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