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[Habbox] An Ogres Adventure2
By - Posted 11th January, 2022 at 12:45 pm HabboHabbo GuidesHabbox

Oh no! The princess… she’s locked away in a tower! This January, follow alongside a completely original and copyright-free ogre creature on a quest to save the princess from the tower!


Room Owner:


Room Name:

[Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway



Search Habbox Official Rooms Hallway or type in :roomid 76865794 to begin!



The Official Rooms Hallway!

Enter the door teleport to proceed to the next room

The Swamp



Step One

Say ‘Start’ to begin

Step Two

Answer the trivia questions:

Q1: Which character did Cameron Diaz voice in Shrek

A1: Princess Fiona

Q2: Who voiced the voice of Shrek’s best friend, Donkey?

A2: Eddie Murphy

Q3: What is Shrek’s most famous Dialogue?

A3: What are you doing in my swamp?

Q4: What food item does Shrek compare Ogres too?

A4: Onions

Q5: What does Shrek usually make his candles out of? 

A5: Ear Wax

Q6: Who sent Shrek to save Princess Fiona?

A6: Lord Farquaad

Step Three

To begin your quest, say ‘Yes, I will help you!’

Step Four

Enter the Tree Teleport

The Journey Pt.1



Step One

Walk off the green tiles to begin

Step Two

Complete the Snake maze and step on the green tiles

Step Three

Enter the Tree Teleport

The Journey Pt.2


Step One

Make it to the other side, walking only when the Japanese Lantern is off

Step Two

Step on the green Colour tiles

Step Three

Enter the Habbo Falls teleport

The Journey Pt.3



Step One

Make it to the other side, walking only when Donkey is facing Shrek, as shown in the screenshot above.

Step Two

Pick the correct Sunflower, this is random

Step Three

Enter the Habbo Falls Teleport

The Bridge


Step One

Wait patiently in the queue for your turn

Step Two

Using the banzais, navigate to each of the patios and step on them to rebuild the bridge

*You have 60 seconds to complete this*

Step Three

Once the bridge has been completely built, Shrek and Donkey will cross the bridge and you will auto-teleport

Step Four

Enter the Habbo Falls Teleport

The Princess



Step One

Walk towards the switch

Step Two

Flick the switch to receive your badge!

Thank you for helping Shrek rescue his Princess!

We hope you enjoyed this event.

*+*+ 👇 Leave a comment below about your experience. 👇 *+*

Like! 3
    Erick commented on 11th January, 2022

    I love this event <3 <3 <3

    FlyingJesus commented on 12th January, 2022

    Really cute and fun event, and I did the snake maze first try!

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