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Official Habbo badge event!

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Habbo Helper or Odd Helper?1
By - Posted 30th December, 2016 at 5:16 pm Habbo

Hello! I know what everyone wants to know; What exactly is a Habbo Helper? Well let me tell you; if you are bored and doing other things this is the perfect tool to have going on in your background. The only downside is that it literally takes forever to get someone to need help. I usually get a new person every 20-35 minutes!

Now you might be thinking “wow what a lame post”, “why would I even bother doing this kind of thing”, “I just want to go to pixel night clubs”. Although it is very possible you are thinking this, you must realize that this job is not always the most normal thing on Habbo. Sometimes you get odd request or as I like to call them, odd jobs.

I hadn’t been on Habbo for a little bit until recently so I didn’t know the full details on how breeding pixel animals work. However, I soon learned after one of my weirdest messages yet…

I got put into a full dialogue on how to breed cats. This young Habbo’s concern was he and his cyber girlfriend wanted to breed and sell purebreed cats on the Hotel. However, a glitch occurred and they lost their breeding box. With me so far? This cyber couple then began yelling at me for ruining their breeding investment. The weirdest part about this story is that you can’t sell kittens. So what they wanted to do with all these kittens remains a mystery, but good for them on their entrepreneurial mindsets and if they read this article I really hope that they figure something out!

Love all’y’all,

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    FUNISMYME commented on 31st December, 2016

    Aaaawwwww, made some new friends? Ahahah.

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