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Habbo Rares that FLOPPED!2
By - Posted 21st January, 2018 at 5:27 pm Habbo

Are you a fan of rare furni that has a massive price tag on it? I am! As we know, Habbo have released many awesome, high-rarity rares. However, they don’t always turn out very profitable. The rares I will be bringing to you today – I tell you – are not so rare. Have you got any flops on this list? Read on to find out now!

Have you ever bought a rare while it was cheap? Have you ever had that moment when you check the marketplace and your rare becomes very expensive, going from 30c average to about 800c average or more? That’s something that we dream of when we buy rares. I have experienced that great feeling!

Imagine buying a rare for 25c and 25 diamonds. A few days later, when your rare disappears from the catalogue, you go to the marketplace. You type in the name of your furni. On the screen… disappointment. Your furni’s price has gone down to 15c. 15c! You get that feeling where it dawns on you. It’s the worst… okay, okay! I think we get the point! If you’re a lover of rares, you might have been through that experience, but not as dramatic as I have just dramatised for you.

There are no Limited Edition rares included in this list, as I’m focussing on normal rares. Now let’s get back to what you are waiting to read! I will be expressing some of my personal opinions while I tell you about the furni. Please don’t be too offended by my opinions! Anyways, without further ado, I present to you…

Habbo Rares that FLOPPED!

Disclaimer: Furni Prices were correct at the time the article was written.

Furni 1

Crystal Tiara

This is a cute Habbo Rare, although in terms of price and rarity, it really didn’t get very far. The Crystal Tiara has had a very rocky road. The price had, at one point, plummeted to 11c! It has now gone up to 23c with an average of 24c, but could still maybe see better days. Although the tiara is stunning, in my opinion, it looks more like a dress-up tiara rather than a tiara made of crystals.  Yet I still like its look, and it reminds me of when I used to dress up as a Disney princess when I was a kid! I actually have a Habbo look I made with this rare. I feel like an ice princess with it!

Furni 2

Cursed Dragon Statue

I at one point had 4 of these rares. I was hoping to sell them at higher prices such as 150c and 300c. Sadly, this furni never shot up in price. The Cursed Dragon Statue managed to get a peak of around 40c, but is now down to 21c with an average of 23c. I like the appearance of this rare, as it is quite colourful, but it just isn’t wowing enough! Do you think this rare will ever get expensive? I don’t.

Furni 3

Gold Top Hat

Did you buy this rare? I didn’t. I think it’s quite ugly in my opinion, but many other Habbos have bought it. This golden hat shines in its not-so-golden glory at the moment, and the price has plummeted down to a tiny 15c, but with an average of 21c. Will this rare gain its status as real gold by next year? I’m not so sure!

Furni 4

Greek Toga

This rare came in an Ancient Greek Relic Chest back when they were on sale for 50c and 50 diamonds. Unfortunately this rare didn’t do too well for itself, however, the wreath crown did! The Greek Toga is available for 16c on the marketplace with an average of 17c. Is it me or does this outfit make me look fat?

Furni 5

Cursed Throne

Released in the Habboween of 2017, the Cursed Throne was released for the standard price of 25c and 25 diamonds. Although it was cool that it could levitate and it has a cool lightning-like effect, it isn’t royal enough. This rare now sells for 20c, with a disturbingly low average of 13c. It looks like some Habbos are trying to make its worth higher than it is, but I doubt that it will increase much. There’s no hope. No throne can simply match up to the Classic Throne worth 596c! 

Do you have any rares on this list? Let me know down in the comments section below and be sure to like this article!

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Like! 4
    Symbols commented on 26th January, 2018

    cloud throne is better lol i hated it when the regular throne went up now i can’t afford it lol

    i actually bought the toga as the artefact version where you had to repair it and I sold it for around 40-50c and now its low im surprised.

    the hat was the worse its literally a recolored version of the regular top hat nothing fancy it should’ve been part of a gold pack instead

    madison0442 commented on 26th January, 2018

    LOL yh

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