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Habbox Fansite Weekend – It’s a Dog’s Life!2
By - Posted 18th November, 2016 at 6:15 pm HabboHabbo Guides


basdgeHey everyone! It’s that time of the month again where Habbox has their special fansite weekend! This time we have a special dog themed event for you, with a series of rooms for you to progress through in order to earn a special badge. All of the rooms are based on the day in the life of a dog. Continue reading for a full guide, telling you step by step how to complete the rooms and earn the badge you can see in the picture! Thanks as always to everyone who was involved in helping to make the rooms!

To begin the event, firstly you need head to the first room by clicking here. We hope you enjoy completing the tasks, and good luck with getting the badge!

Room 1 – Pet Shop

This first task is extremely easy! You basically just need to answer the questions that the wired messages ask you! The questions are designed to help you find your perfect dog! For instance, the wired may ask you “Large or Small?” you simply need to type one of those answers to move on to the next tile and so on. Eventually you will be paired up with a new furry friend and will be able to move on to the next room.


Room 2 – Walkies!

It’s time to take your new friend out for a walk! You begin this game on one of the coloured tiles (as bolt660 is beautifully modelling in the picture). The long grass patch in front of you will move up and down. You need to get to the chair whilst only stepping on the long grass patch. If you step on the normal short grass patches you will be teleported back to the start. I would advise you to take it slow and really get a sense as to when the long grass patch will move, so you can time your clicking right! Once you get to the chair you will be sent to the teleporter where you can advance to the next room!


Room 3 – Feeding Time!

Dogs need to eat right? In fact put some food in front of them and they go crazy! This game reminds me of a supermarket, but for dogs! You will be briefly shown a combination of 5 food items behind the curtain. You then have very limited time to go and stand on all of the tiles which match up with the food items you saw. Do not step on other tiles though (or even walk over them), as this means you will lose! To help you out, and give you a head start, there are four possible combinations that could come up during this game:

1: carrot, hay, corn, cabbage, cheese

2: chicken, cake, dog bones, apple, sardine

3: leaves, grapes, salmon, t-bones, ice

4: grape, ice, sardine, corn, cabbage

Once you have stood on all five tiles, you need to say “done!” you will then be moved to the teleporter, where you can advance to the next room. The aim of this game is to be quick, as you are being timed!



Room 4 – Playtime!

After all that food (and sugar no doubt), your pet is extremely hyper and wants to play! He’s running around chasing after some balls! For this game, all you need to do once you’ve been teleported into the game area, is choose a colour. This colour is the colour tile that you think the dog will not walk on. If the dog walks on the colour tile that matches the colour you’ve picked, you’re out! To select your colour simply flick the lever that corresponds with it. If you’re successful you will be able to progress to the next room!



Room 5 – Poop Pick Up

Oh dear! All that food your friend consumed earlier has made its exit! Unfortunately your dog has pooped on someones lawn, and it’s your job (well you just want to avoid the £500 fine really) to pick it up! You will join a queue upon entering the room. Once it’s your turn to play you will be teleported to the area with the arrows and the switch. You need to move the blue tile up towards the poop using the arrows, and then hitting the level to make the bot walk to the tile. Your aim is to get the bot to the poop and then back again to the bin. Easy right? Well, there’s a catch! You must ensure that the bot doesn’t hit any of the ‘super poisonous flowers’ that are somehow moving (because flowers can totally glide), across the grass! If the bot touches the flowers it’s game over! Get the poop to the bin and you win!



Room 6 – Dog Park

It’s time for a fun adventure to the park! Hopefully with no bowel movements this time! This room is extremely simple to get your head around. The first area you need to get through the one way gate without touching the floor. You can only touch the rollers! The next area involves avoiding some wild poisonous flowers (what is it with killer flowers!), and then you need to make your way through the one way gates. To do this, you need to click diagonal onto the dark brown tiles straight away as soon as you go through the one way gates. Once you’ve done that you can proceed through the teleporter!


Room 7 – Bath Time!

After a long, hard day of eating, playing and pooping (sounds almost human!), it’s time for a well earned bath! Unfortunately though the tap has broken (how bloody convenient), and so you’re going to have to transport water from the sink to the bath yourself! Once in the game area, simply get some water from the sink and take it to the black mat 3 times in a row. Sounds almost too simple right? You’re right! There are killer water patches moving around on the floor, waiting to make you slip and seriously injure your Habbo and lose the game. Basically, do the above without touching the moving blue things on the floor!


Room 8 – You’ve done it!

Congratulations! You’ve earned your place as a successful dog owner, and get the badge! Remember to give this article a like in appreciation for the poor sod who stayed up until 3am writing it, and enjoy your new badge! Let us know what you thought of the event! 😀


Like! 3
    Blabb commented on 18th November, 2016

    Laughing at the end photo haha!

    Bolt660 commented on 21st September, 2017

    … [Trackback]

    […] Read More: […]

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