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[Habbox History] Taking you back to 2011…0
By - Posted 6th July, 2016 at 10:33 pm HabboHabbox

As Habbox’s 13th birthday celebrations continue, today I’m bringing you another nostalgic throwback into the depths of Habbox’s past. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the winner from the previous articles competition, dudejohnmar. He has won himself 10 points towards the birthday event! If you want to win some points too, there’s another question at the end of this article.

Today’s article focuses mainly on one year- 2011! I will be zooming back in time exactly 5 years ago and sharing with you lots of fun facts and screenshots which may bring back some memories! As well as a throwback to 2011, you can also read another short interview with one of our older members about their memories of Habbox. I hope you enjoy reading!

So what happened in 2011?

In March 2011, the eagerly anticipated Version 6 arrived! It incorporated many brand-new features which no other fansite had ever seen, including moveable content boxes, widgets, interactive content and so much more.

In April 2011, xxMATTGxx resigned as General Manager. He was replaced by Hecktix. The assistant general managers at the time were Bolt660 (Community), -Danube- (Staff), and Hoteluser (Development).

The 5th Habbox Summer Spectacular event took place and was hugely successful! A massive 253 events, competitions and on air competitions were held in total over the course of the two weeks! It was my poor self who fell with the responsibility of adding all the points to the leaderboards! You can imagine the time it took!

2011 in pictures!

In order to meet the needs of the community, I decided to add a small wedding chapel to my Habbox helpdesk. Myself and xxMATTGxx are doing our best vicar impressions here:

I may have been a bit trigger happy when it came to messing around with the helpdesk. These next images are actually from Summer 2011 and show one very confused visitor.

Back before the gambling rules were enforced on Habbo, Habbox used to run its very own lottery! People would pay in 1 credit per ticket and then there would be a grand prize at the end of the month. This was always hugely popular and often sold out. Here is a picture of my old lottery room.

On October 11th, 2011, pet horses were released on the hotel. To celebrate (and because they were so popular) it only felt right to add a little stable section to the already existing helpdesk! Here you can see me beautifully riding my horse (which I believe was called ‘horse’).

Colin the dog!

A lot of you will be thinking, who the hell is Colin the dog? Well I shall explain! There are actually three confirmed identities of Colin the dog. The original was owned by Jin and became a firm favourite within the heldesk.

Colin can be referred to as the mascot of Habbox Helpdesk and was loved and scratched by many. xxMATTGxx and Bolt660 also made sure they had Colin’s in their help desks too!

Down memory lane…

Today’s short interview is with our very own co-owner, xxMATTGxx! Matt joined the forum all the way back in July 2004 making him 12 years old!

1. What are your earliest memories of Habbox?

Damn, this is tough. I would say listening to HabboxLive like 12 years ago or something crazy like that and playing Habbo with my friend at the time from Primary School. I just remember the site being very orange, was crazy. Some of the DJs back then were fantastic like BigButtSound (I think) and Mizki, Icebox12 and all of these people. Ah so many good memoires!

2. What would be your overall favourite department at Habbox, and why?

Errrrrr, I would say Forum. Mainly because that’s department that has always been the closet to me rather than any of the others. When I joined the Mod Department that’s when I really started getting into Habbox going through the ranks through various different roles.

3. What has been your favourite overall moment/memory at Habbox so far?

Making long-term friends is probably the best moment of this place really. I have quite a few friends from here who don’t play Habbo anymore or even look at Habbox but we still talk, play games, meet etc and that is pretty cool.

4. How much do you think Habbox has changed over the years?

I would say it’s changed a lot since my first memory of this place. The people, the attitude and the activity has certainly changed various levels throughout the years for sure.

Question to win 10 points for the birthday event!

In order to win 10 points towards the birthday event, all you need to do is answer the following question and drop it in a PM to Martin. One randomly selected winner will grab the prize!

Question: Who owned the Habbox Helpdesk in June 2011? (Habbo name)

Thanks for reading this edition of our Habbox history articles! Throughout the week you will gradually learn more about Habbox’s history, hear from lots more old members and there will be a lot more memories along the way too! Be sure to give this article a like!

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