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Classic Arrival!2
By - Posted 8th August, 2016 at 7:56 pm HabboHabbo Updates

On May 7th, 2001 a beautiful little place was born and added to our public room list. Little did we realise that this room would then grow into one of the most loved Habbo rooms known to all pixels. If you haven’t guessed already then you will have now; Habburgers is the topic of this article. So pull up your pixel chairs, get comfortable and get reading.

Now my memory is terrible even on the good days, but when someone mentions Habburgers to me I picture my brand new Habbo entering the pixel world for the first time and I remember seeing this room which I always referred to as the ‘McDonald’ room. Not only was this a great room to get your roleplay skills perfected, but it was a perfect room to socialise and meet your new pixel friends, who knows maybe even a little date too… how romantic.

As much as we hate to admit it we all love an original, so when Habbo announced they will be releasing a new Habburgers bundle to the hotel, a lot of people were sceptical. Would Habbo spoil the original with the remake? Will they just throw random furni together and hope for the best? No one really knows until Monday 15th August, when this new bundle will arrive at your finger tips.

So I thought it would be interesting to ask a few people what they remembered about the original Habburgers room and if they are excited about the new bundle arriving soon. Here is what a few of them had to say:

Bolt660: “It was my favourite public room irl. I used to sit in there and write news articles for Habbox back in 2009/2010, it was like my Habbo office omg.”

lawrawrrr: “I loved the old public rooms, especially for HabboxLive room raids!! I didn’t spend much time in Habburgers itself but it’ll be nice to have some really bright furni (it was orange IIRC??)”

Yuxin: “oh god I remember it was a great place for room raids haha going in and shouting about Habbox. I’m very excited! although I hope it isn’t a let down”

Flying Jesus: “I used to go in there in noob days and actually pretend it was a proper restaurant like take my e-dates there when I was like 13… cool kid. And I’m excited as long as it’s not as hideous as the welcome lounge one”

Overall excitement can be felt for this arrival, the question is what do you all think? Be sure to let me know below what your memories of Habburgers are and what you think the new bundle will be like.


Like! 4
    BreakfastBacon commented on 10th August, 2016

    Didn’t go there much, that waterfall zen garden place was my place of choice! I do remember going to this room however and just RPing that I was some sort of master waiter xD

    bobjim99 commented on 17th August, 2016

    As i only joined last year i didn’t really know much about this but now you have given me a great picture of what it was like. 😀