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How To Dress To Impress On Habbo – WIN HC!19
By - Posted 16th July, 2015 at 2:25 pm HabboHabbo Guides

Sometimes it can be hard to stand out on Habbo, despite the ever-growing clothing range. Furthermore, not everyone can afford the luxuries of a HC membership so looking good comes at a cost. However, this article will give you tips on what’s HOT and what’s NOT and there’s even a chance to win 1 MONTH HC!

Picking the right hair can be one of the most important factors when putting together a new outfit. Unfortunately, the styles available for males are limited so a hat is usually the way to go. Although, the spiked and messy styles work quite well with the right accessories! On the other hand, females have a much greater range of hairstyles to choose from, such as the pigtails, double buns and any style with some sort of hairband or clip which you can change the colour of to match the colour of your Habbo’s hair! The bacon style is to be avoided if you want to be a respected member of the Habbo community, it’s far too common and screams ‘noob’.

A hat or some sort of head accessory is always essential for creating your own great appearance. If you are going for the ‘cute’ look, why not try the bear hat with a tiara? It’s irresistible! There are also many other animal hats including the panda, rabbit and deer which are bound to draw attention to you. To show off your wealth, go for a fish hat. This is not available to buy from the catalogue but can currently be bought from the marketplace for 700-999 credits which is extremely expensive, but that is the price to be paid if you want to look fabulous.

A scarf is a great addition to most outfits, whatever the season! Selecting glasses is equally as important! Personally, I have kept the pitch black sunglasses for over three years and they have not only protected my eyes from the sun, but complement any outfit and make me look too cool for school.

Habbo offers a variety of colours for you to choose from when changing your look, but with so many it can be easy to get carried away! In my opinion, try not to use more than 2-4 colours on your outfit as too many will make your outfit clash and look undesirable. Stick to light pastel colours, primary colours and black and white – these are simple yet stunning. If you’re a boy and looking for that special someone, go for the jock jacket and the girls will flock to you. I find the best shoes are non-HC options like brick shoes and trainers, which go with most outfits. Furthermore, a black leather jacket with black sunglasses will give you that menacing look and nobody will want see get on your bad side! To contrast, a nice floral crown is adorable and can be any colour – plus it’s only 2c from the catalogue!

I went to Club NX and found two Habbo’s who looked in need of a major makeover, just look at their transformation! They would make a great couple.

You have read my tips, but I’m sure they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, so I want to hear your Habbo fashion advice! What is a must have and what is a must avoid? Is bacon hair really that bad? How can you look good for less? To be in with a chance of winning 1 MONTH HC (worth 25c), leave a comment below with your Habbo fashion advice and your username. You must have a account to comment. The competition closes on Friday, 24th July 2015 at 12pm, any entries after this time will not count. The winner will be selected at random using a random number generator. A gift with the HC will be sent by Zitrone to the winner after the competition closes. Good luck!

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    Empired commented on 16th July, 2015

    Great article zitrone!

    I have to say my fashion advice is always to wear as much pale pink (as you can see on my Habbo) as you possibly can; it makes everything look so much nicer I think! I won’t be entering though x

    thms commented on 16th July, 2015

    My fashion advice is: you can never beat a good flower crown! It’s worth the credits.

    fantastic article Zitrone, I will definitely come back to read your articles! 🙂

    Lewis commented on 16th July, 2015

    Habbo name: Mk,

    Fashion advice: Always wear a suit if you want to seem like a rich, professional business habbo. HC is a waste of money when you can easily give your habbo a thousand pound suit for free!

    BlueSkittlez. commented on 16th July, 2015

    Habbo Name: BlueSkittlez.

    I think that you should were clothes that match your personality, I.E:
    Pink- Sweet,Kawaii Blue-Calm,Cool Black-Stylish but Hidden.
    Don’t worry what people say, you love yourself and you always should.
    (^3^) Love you all!! <3

    BlueSkittlez. commented on 16th July, 2015

    Plus, wear what you love, even though it might not be as good as the HC clothing.
    My style is shy = white & black.

    Zitrone commented on 16th July, 2015

    That’s really good advice BlueSkittlez!

    lawrawrrr commented on 16th July, 2015

    The way forward is clearly a pastel-coloured top and black feathered skirt – don’t flaunt your HC is what I say. A tiara gets you that extra element of class though!

    Lewis commented on 16th July, 2015

    I like your advice BlueSkittlez 🙂

    Bikini commented on 16th July, 2015

    Love the article! Great starter!
    My Advice would be to be free with what you want to wear. It’s a personal choice. Wear something that you would want you as a person to wear 🙂

    Plebings commented on 16th July, 2015

    your habbo is an avatar, you can be as beautiful, ugly, colourful or dull as you want. just wear whatever with pride – the worst look is when you’re trying too hard xx also if you keep the same look for ages you can be iconic like me.

    Empired commented on 17th July, 2015

    Laura that’s the worst fashion advice I’ve ever heard????

    Ozzinator commented on 17th July, 2015

    I like to try dress as video game characters. It’s just a little bit of fun. I do change my look pretty often, I like hair that is spiky and messy, usually it will be blue or yellow. I pretty much like casual looking clothes, sometimes casual can look the best.

    dbgtz commented on 17th July, 2015

    My advice is to use a blue/white combo where suitable. Maybe shove a bit of gold in there to spice things up.
    These comments look ace.

    guitarenchi commented on 19th July, 2015

    For me, whenever I am not a HC, I would prefer the shades of purple combo. On the other hand, when I am HC, I love playing around with the colours. The better combi’s are pink & white or black & white 🙂 Wearing a jacket whenever I am HC makes my habbo stunning therefore jackets is a must!

    guitarenchi commented on 19th July, 2015

    Oh yes, what you should avoid is actually being a bacon bc so far, most bacons that have been seen are usually noobs aka they dont know what is going on & dont bother asking for instructions or probs they are just alts trolling. therefore, many people in the habbo community have been weary of such people ‘bacons’ & even though that ‘bacon’ might not have been an alt, i would say that he/she shld be ready to be flamed whenever something goes wrong > guitarenchi

    Thank you! (:

    Zitrone commented on 20th July, 2015

    Great advice guitarenchi! Bacon hair is awful

    Zitrone commented on 24th July, 2015

    Awesome tips everyone! The competition to win HC is now closed and the winner is… guitarenchi! Congrats your HC is on its way 😀 There will be more chances to win prizes in other articles so keep reading and commenting!

    guitarenchi commented on 24th July, 2015

    tysm Zitrone 🙂

    Zitrone commented on 8th September, 2017

    … [Trackback]

    […] Find More Informations here: […]

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