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How To Get Rich On Habbo!2
By - Posted 29th May, 2017 at 4:52 pm Habbo

How to get rich on Habbo in a few simple steps! If you are new or simply want to get more good furniture then this is the article for you!

Most people don’t know if you go on the Habbomall you can earn credits by participating with offers and surveys. Another way to earn¬†stuff is by the “watch and earn” service. This way is simple, you watch an advertisement,¬†and you’re given a random prize – normally cheap furniture but sometimes coins, and this can also be done to receive a¬†free¬†short stint of Habbo Club membership!

Check for¬†rooms tagged¬†“Giveaway”, queueing in these will nab you free¬†furniture once you reach the front.

In Habbo there are games you can play in which you can earn credits Рthe best of these (of course) are run by Habbox!

Once you have a few coins go to shops that¬†say 2 for 1c, 3 for 1c, and so on.¬†If you go to¬†these you can buy furniture and try to sell them for profit.¬†The furniture you eventually want is seasonal and cheap rare furniture. If you get a newer rare hold on to it for a while, since when it’s no longer produced the¬†price may increase.

Another way to earn money is to get an in-game job at an agency, the least you will have to do is work an hour if you are a “noob” and if you a high¬†rank promote, train, and recruit. The other positive of working at an¬†agency¬†is you are able to make friends, so it’s not all just hard work!

The key to staying in the money once you have it is to avoid scams. If you get a Habbo gift or someone sends a message saying you won something from a certain website,¬†don’t go to the¬†website as it’s highly likely that they will attempt to steal your login details.¬†Ignore people asking for your email or password and don’t trust¬†other Habbos with your items.¬†Stay¬†away from supposed “coin generator” hacks,¬†they are fake and don’t work (and would be illegal if they did), but will instead either give you a virus or steal your account details!

If you are trading someone while¬†buying something the top two scams are switching petal patches for grass patches in the trade window, and in the same way¬†a hay patch instead of a treasure patch. Be careful when trading to make sure¬†you’re getting the right items!

I hope this helped a lot and you carry on reading my articles in the near future! ūüôā

Like! 3
    madison0442 commented on 30th May, 2017

    Nice article Natalie! Love the picture of the coins!! ūüôā

    RamenNatalie commented on 28th November, 2017

    … [Trackback]

    […] Read More here: […]

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