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Interview with .beeches.0
By - Posted 1st July, 2016 at 8:00 am Habbo

Recently, our Room Builder manager Plebings managed to snag an interview with .beeches.! For those of you who are unaware, .beeches. is a member of habbo staff and works alongside fansites. .Beeches. kindly answered our questions which we appreciate greatly.

Check out the interview below.

So, you have been on Habbo for a while now, what did you do before you came to the hotel?

Well I started in Habbo some time ago (a few years) and then decided to take a break and concentrate on developing myself professionally. I like teaching and some day I hope I can perfect myself in that area.

What do you enjoy most about Habbo?

About Habbo I enjoy creativity (room building) and imagination and the sense of community.

On the opposite end, is there anything that frustrate or stresses you about your role?

Well sometimes, yes of course! There are some limits.. I get frustrated when I see that some Habbo’s get scammed even after several campaigns or events to raise awareness about this. It is upsetting as it makes some hHabbo’s want to leave and of course, they lose all their furni etc. And well sometimes, there is a lot of work to do and no time.

It is good to see the efforts to raise awareness, would like to think more Habbo’s have been helped than led astray.

Yes. Security is a very hard issue. I would say on any game community. We are exposed to a lot of information online and if we are not careful it could work against us. I would like to add – not just habbo’s getting scammed but also importance of keeping Habbo’s safe on the internet.

Are there any particular moments on Habbo you remember fondly?

Yes! Right before I took a break I met my Habbo colleagues and had a small party :). Also, first time love locks came out in the shop. We had an event of love looking all around the hotel. That was fun, I created a group for it also.

I remember that! Were you new to the role at that point?

No, not really new. Before, I was doing different things and participating in the hotel with the habbo community was new.

You mentioned love locks, have you got any other furni with a special place in your heart?

Yes, I love all the creepy, gothic and Habboween stuff!

Is there any particular piece of furni in mind?

Yes, the Gothic toilet 😛

Looking to the future, what type of features would you like to see implemented in the future on habbo?

Security features would be a plus to lower the scam rate, lag issue and maybe more community based events in general.

Lastly, as I am sure you are well aware, Habbox is turning 13 years old next week. Have you got anything you would like to say to Habbox and people reading this?

Hey Habbox! Happy Birthday!!!!! I also wanted to mention that Habbox has a great history as a fansite. I love to look up stuff in the Habbox Wiki, I hope they can keep it up to date.

Habbox would like to say a massive thank you to .beeches. for answering our questions. Her interview will also be featured in our Fansite Event, so make sure to keep a close eye on this article for answers!


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