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Keyboard Codes!3
By - Posted 28th September, 2015 at 5:07 pm HabboHabbo Guides


Hi, it’s me again! I know, I know you’ve all been so excited to see me here again! Don’t worry, just kidding! Well, let’s get started. Recently, I thought to myself, “does everyone know those cool chat command sorta things?” The answer to that is a fat no, that is why I’m writing this article now!

Some of you may know the cool chat codes, nevertheless here they are!

Non-HC codes

These are the codes we can all do!

Shouting: hold shift while pressing enter in a message.

Whisper: type :whisper <username> (Message) then press enter

Mute all the pets: :mutepets, for bots do :mutebots

Wave: type in o/ then press enter to wave

 Sleep: Type in :idle and click enter, now you should be sleeping

Thumbs up: Type _b and click enter, thumbs up bud!

Signs: To hold up a number sign type :sign (0-10) to do a special sign type :sign (11-17)

Pick up all furni: If you own a room, you can quickly pick up everything by typing in :pickall (then obviously pressing enter)

Furni that isn’t your own: If you have rights in a group homeroom simply do :ejectall to boot it out

Sit down: Give your legs a rest and sit down with :sit, vice versa with :stand

HC Members Only

If you want to use these codes; buy HC quickly!

Blow a kiss: If there’s a special someone playing Habbo with you, send ’em a little kiss (:kiss)

Laugh: I love laughing, it’s so much fun! In Habbo, do it by typing in 😀

See who’s in room: Do :chooser to see which Habbos are in the same room as you, to see furni do :furni

Thanks for reading today’s article! I had fun writing it, hope you had fun reading.

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    thms commented on 28th September, 2015

    thanks this was totes useful xD

    David commented on 28th September, 2015

    There’s some you missed but this can be useful.

    Jglake commented on 30th September, 2015

    Thanks dude, I have been trying to find some more keyboard codes than the other guide has thanks for this new info.

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