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LTD Habberge Eggs 2016!3
By - Posted 18th February, 2016 at 6:16 pm HabboHabbo Updates

After two years, Habbo has decided to revive the Habberge Egg Limited Edition Rares, but will they be as extravagant this year? This article will compare the two sets of Habberge Eggs – the 2016 ones aren’t available just yet, but Easter is fast approaching!

Will the new set go off without a hitch unlike last time? Click ‘Read More and Comment’ to view images of the new and old eggs, and to compare them.

 In 2014, Habbo released 5 limited edition ‘Habberge Eggs’ for players to purchase – a carefully crafted pun on ‘Faberge Eggs’ that we have in real life. As always with Limited Edition Rares, they came at a price and had a limited number of units available in the catalogue – that is of course, if everything went to plan! The Maw-Sit-Sit Egg in green had some mishaps when released in 2014; it originally went into the catalogue early with no indication that it was the Limited Edition Rare, when players purchased the item no batch number was present either, making them just normal items of furniture that cost 250 Credits each! Habbo soon realised the mistake they had made and all those that bought the green version of the Maw-Sit-Sit Egg receive an ‘Habberge Aquamarine’ as an additional item, and the green one received a number to show it was actually a Limited Edition Rare. Hopefully, this year, the release will go without any mishaps whatsoever, but we can never be too certain until they are actually released!

The 2016 Habberge Eggs appear more extravagant than their predecessors, not only are they bigger (for the majority) and brighter, but they appear more animated (and somewhat realistic) with the ability to see inside the eggs more than the 2014 versions.

The images of the 2014 versions are below:

They are beautifully crafted items of furniture for Habbo, and it seems difficult to try and top them, but Habbo has had a good go at it.

The images of the 2016 versions are below:

To me, the 2016 versions look a lot flatter than the previous ones – the last one looks like it’s only half an egg unfortunately! Credit to Habtium for the next image/gif as it actually shows the animated of the 3 larger eggs. The green one is a bit disappointing as it lacks anything unique about it – and it just seems to be similar, although less extravagant than the 2014 versions.

Overall, the 2014 versions of the eggs fit in with Habbo more than the 2016 ones – the latter ones look a bit too extravagant, but we won’t really know how well they look in rooms and if they actually fit in better until they are released around Easter time. As for me, I prefer the earlier versions, but I have lost some interested in Habbo’s Limited Edition Rares, but that’s usually because I’m always at work when they release them.

What do you think of the 2014 versions of the Habberge Eggs and the 2016 ones? Would it have been better going for something different this year, since Habbo decided on Habberge Eggs in 2014, and Easter Bunnies in 2015, share your thoughts either on the forum in the thread here or below!

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    Bolt660 commented on 18th February, 2016

    I really like the purple one with the roses inside! 😀

    MrsPlant commented on 21st February, 2016

    Omg give me the ones with roses! I dread to think the price!! 🙁

    Samanfa commented on 9th July, 2017

    … [Trackback]

    […] Read More here: habbox.com/all-articles/habbo/ltd-habberge-eggs-2016 […]

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