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Magical Mushroom Month: September in Habbo!8
By - Posted 31st August, 2021 at 12:22 pm Habbo

Mushroom stools, mushroom tables, mushroom hats… this coming month mushrooms are EVERYWHERE in Habbo!

“Read More” to explore the magic of Mushroom Month with me!

NEW Rares!

The first rare that we’re destined to see in September is the Glittering Fairy Wings! These gorgeous wings seem to pair rather nicely with the previously released Butterfly Dress.

We also have the brand new hairstyle that is the Fairy Locks to look forward to. This hairstyle is colourable to two different parts – the hair itself and the elf ears that come with the hair. Unfortunately, it does not currently seem as though you can change the colour of the flowers – booooooo! Otherwise, I think this is an ADORABLE hairstyle and will likely be stocking up!

Our first rare furniture item of the month is the Fairy Mirror. While this is cute, I’m not fully sure that it should be released as a rare – unless there is some function to it that we’re unaware of at this moment in time!

Aaaaaaaaand our final rare is the Lovely Little Teapot. No that’s not my personal opinion of it, Habbo are so enamoured by their own creation that they have literally named this item “Lovely”; and to be honest? I agree! I love the hues of blue and pink that they’ve used on this item, and I think the little heart on the door is an a-door-able detail that they’ve included. Popularity-wise however, I’m not so sure how this rare will fit in among its counterparts…

NEW Limited Edition Rare!

In September we get yet another Limited Edition Rare: the Fairy Forest Warden! While this is an extremely cute LTD, I can’t imagine it being a massively popular one. In my opinion, this item would have been better as a rare.

NEW Credit Furni!

A brand new CREDIT FURNI is coming our way this next month! All the rich Habbos and Habbettes out there get ready to purchase 50 of the Golden Toilet Roll! An obvious call-back to the hundreds of people who were panic-buying toilet roll at the beginning of the pandemic; it still makes me giggle to think of a golden toilet roll. SO VALUABLE. SO PRECIOUS.


A new crackable furni is also on its way in September: the Fungal Stump! Using a “Magic Wand Effect” (available from the “clothing” tab in the catalogue) on this item will open the stump and give you one of the following clothing or furniture items!


It’s believed that the following clothing items will be available through the crackable Fungal Stump

The first clothing item we have to look forward to is the chic Fantastic Fairy Dress. This dress has already proven to be popular amongst the community and, personally, I LOVE it.  The entire dress is re-colourable, with the exception of the small flowers on the shoulders. Not only does this adorable petal dress look amazing on its own, but it also comes with a matching hat…

The Petal Hat You Want! While this hat does match the previous dress, they will unfortunately be available from the crackable as separate items rather than an entire outfit in one.

The final clothing item for September is the Fly Agaric Cap. Perfect for cosplaying as Toad from the Mario franchise.

While there’s no indication as of yet of the probabilities for these items, if past campaign crackables such as the Pride Goodie Bags from the Habbo Pride Festival campaign are anything to go by, it may be extremely difficult to get your hands on these clothing items! ~ sigh ~


It’s believed that the following furniture items will be available through the crackable Fungal Stump

Also coming this next month is a whole bunch of new furni! Most of which have multiple coloured versions of themselves – I’ve put these together in some gifs to show them all off for you – so don’t panic! The items don’t flash different colours!

Bouncy Mushroom. It bounces. Will it work as a trampoline? Who knows…

Then we have the Tall Mushroom. It’s a mushroom… that’s tall… not a whole lot to say about it but it’s pretty!

This Mossy Fungus Arch may be my favourite furniture item from this campaign. Let the lil mushrooms guide your way…

Next is the Shelf of Shrooms – a hilariously named item since if you say “Shrooms” on Habbo it gets filtered to a bobba.

Dank Chest of Drawers – only the tiniest of mushrooms here, Sir. I really love this item purely because it reminds me of Mr Tumnus’ house from Narnia.

There is a lovely Shroom Table to come, where you can sit and eat all your mushrooms (only mushrooms allowed in Mushroom Month, sorry).

Aaaaaaaand to go with your table we of course have the Lil’ Mushroom Chair. In reality, I imagine it would not be the sturdiest chair but in pixel form, it’s extremely adorable.

A Freebie?!

The FINAL item we have coming up is this lovely crown here that is literally called “A Free Crown“. 100 creativity points for Habbo. All jokes aside, there’s a lot of confusion around this crown – is it free for everyone? How do you get one? Will they come up with a better name for it? Only time will tell…


So what do you think of the new campaign? What are your thoughts on the crackable? What are your theories on A Free Crown?
Let me know in the comments below!

Like! 5
    someboyrafa commented on 1st September, 2021

    exciting times on habbo for fabulous new items.

    welshcake commented on 1st September, 2021

    An amazing read 🙂

    Erick commented on 2nd September, 2021

    this things cute!!

    lucpix commented on 3rd September, 2021

    L♥ve it

    FlyingJesus commented on 4th September, 2021

    Beautifully proofed article

      MadameJaquack commented on 4th September, 2021

      you spelt “written” wrong

    Erick commented on 13th September, 2021

    I love wearing free crown 🙂

    Disasterjess commented on 15th September, 2021

    not me thinking the crown was a special prize just for me from habbo XD

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