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May Day badge bonanza and game guide!0
By - Posted 1st May, 2016 at 1:32 pm HabboHabbo Guides

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Join us, all the other fansites and Habbo to celebrate May Day – now live in the hotel!

May Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world and that’s what this event is all about. Our event is the Feast of Bealtaine… read more about it and find out how to do the event below!

Beach Bonfire.pngThe feast of Beltane (or Bealtaine) is the name for the Gaelic, or Irish, May Day festival. It’s one of the oldest Irish traditions, mentioned in early Irish literature and is linked with lots of important events in Irish history and mythology. Having an Irish AGM (Absently) totally didn’t sway the decision I’m sure 😉

The central point of the festival were the special bonfires – which is where the basis of our event lies – which people and their cattle would walk around, sometimes leaping over the flames or embers. They’d also relight all household fires from the main Beltane bonfire… and of course they’d have a massive feast because what’s the point of any celebration without tons of food, amirite??

Christmas Ham.png

Unfortunately, Beltane celebrations have mostly died out since the mid-20th century, but some customs are still continued and a few places are bringing it back as a cultural event. Personally, I think it’s great that people are bringing back their cultural traditions as I think it’s really important to remember your history in that way.

vdeqpAtIn our event, your task is to light the bonfires. You’ll play against someone else – but you can both win! Pick up a torch from the bottom of the playing field and make your way across the lake – without falling in and putting your torch out! Do that three times in the time limit and you’ll be teleported to get our badge (which you can see, left). Nice and easy to leave you time to get all the events done today! The events will all be open until 3rd May so you still have time, don’t worry 🙂


The other events are: Maypole Dance (UK), brought to you by HabboTiles; Walpurgis Night (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia), from HabbCrazy; Calendimaggio (Italy), from FlyHabbo; Irminden Day (Bulgaria and Romania) by HabboQuests; May Day (Canada and the USA) from ThisHabbo and Lei Day (Hawaii) from HFFM. See all the badges below and get collecting! The ThisHabbo badge is currently broken but hopefully it will be working soon!

Find all the events under the ‘Official Events’ category on the navigator or head straight to Habbox’s event by clicking here. Which badge do you like the best?

ES24AUK651IT002 ITA83 NL383

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