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New Easter Furni… an Honest Review!1
By - Posted 25th February, 2019 at 10:04 pm HabboHabbo Updates

The Easter furni ranges were released to fansites last week and I’m here once again to give it a quick and brutally honest review!

The theme for this year’s campaign is all about fairy tales and mythological creatures, and the furni ranges cover quite a number of those fairytales! In my honest opinion (having just uploaded all  I think there is honestly a bit too much… particularly of the animal variety, but you’ll see those if you keep reading ahead!





Well the first lot seem to be a set of fairytale books. These looks suspiciously like crafting tables/ingredients to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I HATE CRAFTING. I seriously hope it’s not, ‘cos they’re a cute item otherwise for a library!




I LOVE ALL OF THESE. They are literally so adorable and I can totally see the ponytail, leaf hair, Snow White and the wreath thing being popular. I’ll also totally buy the dress and the fox set. Amazing items for Cozzie Change, stock up lads! I hope that all of them change colour; it would be a shame if the Robin Hood and Snow White ones in particular didn’t (although they’re so recognisable as they are, they’d be cute in other colours!). GOOD JOB HABBO.





These are the big ones. Some of them look like older versions of the baby ones below, whereas some are stand-alone. The quality of the pixel art on some of these is really impressive – the Griffin is definitely my favourite! The deer will definitely be cute for woodland scenes (my personal favourite room to build) and I’m sure we’ll see a resurgence of Don’t Wake Grandma with the Red Riding Hood and Wolf items!


The small ones are really cute (particularly the baby animals), and while I love the Cheshire Cat normally the smile on this one just looks a bit… pervy rather than a wide grin. The shading also looks a bit odd, IMO. I don’t understand what the Puppy is and I’m wondering if I’ve got it mixed up with my other files because, what? and the fairies are *fine* – not amazing but not bad either.



Nature stuff


BIG STUFF FIRST! The first tree (with the swing) is one of my favourite pieces of furniture EVER and I will definitely buy 20 of them. The two next to it… is it just me or do the trunks just look weirdly bent… trees don’t do that!! The flowers all look a bit fake and plastic too, I don’t see how they’d really fit in a room unless they COVERED the floor. I like the grass bits and the dirt paths though, they’re cute. The last bulb I swear is so similar to the old Fungi range (I think it was that) I honestly thought I’d seen it before!



As for the small stuff: much better!! I really hope that ring of stones on the right is a teleport, I’ll be well happy!! I love all the seats too, will make a woodland scene very cute. The other bits are great decorations. Although what are the stupid faces on the little pink ones?

And finally… I didn’t know what category to put this in. What the BOBBA is this? What is it doing. What is it meant to be. Why does it have a face?? Why does it look like it’s staring into my soul?? Hard no.


Final thoughts

I like this campaign. I like the campaign and the theme a LOT. I wish there was more furni and less “bits and pieces”… too much decor/animals IMO. Some new exterior castle pieces would have been nice. Or really, if they stuck to *one* fairytale and did more of them: all 7 dwarves and mining furniture, or more of the crazy creatures from Alice in Wonderland.

But as an intro it’s pretty nice! A solid 8/10 from me.

Like! 5
    Ozad commented on 26th February, 2019

    Looking forward to this furni line, it was also revealed to us that the Rock with the face on it will make some sort of sound when a user sits on it ;o

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