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New Year, New Bundles0
By - Posted 21st December, 2015 at 12:53 am HabboHabbo Updates

Well, New Year is only around the corner and you know what that means; Habbo Hotel will be bringing you some new bundles. But what will they be bringing out for you all to play with? Well, let me share with you what bundles they could be releasing.

Just when we thought the gold furniture was over; Habbo has decided to realise some more! If you don’t know what I am talking about, Habbo recently released an all gold bundle. Practically just a recolour of an already existing bundle, however, there were a few people that were in love with the bundle. Personally, I wasn’t, but was you? Anyway, back to the new bundles. Currently, there are 5 bundles set to be released in the New Year for you all to buy. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Drum roll, please… First up we have:


Hit the slopes in style this winter with this dazzling snowboarding bundle! So, within this bundle, you can grab yourself an exclusive Gold winter pine furni. I personally hope they make this a fun bundle, there are so many things that can make a snowboarding bundle great, hopefully, we see some new furni with this too. Okay, next up we have…


All the gear you’ll need to party comes in this bundle! With this bundle, you will not be getting a gold piece of furni, which I am pleased about. I know some of you love the gold furni, but I think it’s a bit too overrated. Anyway, with this bundle, you will get yourself an exclusive 2016 balloon. This should be a cute little bundle, I mean, who doesn’t like a party? Let’s check out the next bundle…


The ice Has Been polished, your skates are sharp, and your friends are all ready to play – GAME ON! Now, this should be a good bundle, who doesn’t love a bit of sport? So with this bundle, you will grab yourself an exclusive gold corner furni. Next up we have…


In this breathtaking winter scene, you will find snow-capped trees. With this bundle, you can pick up two gold lamp posts. Let’s just hope this is as amazing as I think it will be, as I a good outdoor bundle is needed. Well, last but not least we have…


Calling all Freeze players; new and old! This bundle has everything you need for an amazing freeze fight. It’s not very often you see a good game of freeze, so I think this is a great bundle for all of you who loved to play. You can grab yourself an exclusive gold hydrant.

So that’s all the bundles that we hopefully see coming very soon! Comment below with what bundle you want to get and what you think of these new bundles.

Thank you for reading!

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