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The return of Battle Ball0
By - Posted 23rd August, 2016 at 3:30 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Some of you may remember back in 2005, when Battle Ball made an impact throughout Habbo Hotel. Well there have been some rumors going around that it is making a return very soon. Do you want to see what these little bundles have in store for you? Then you will want to read on.

Okay lets talk bundles, Habbo Hotel will be releasing 5 bundles into the catalogue for you all to enjoy. They will be separated into different themes/colour bundles which are, classic, green, orange, purple and blue. Personally I cannot remember Battle Ball all to well, but a lot of people are really excited for this new release. The question is, will it be as good as the original?

Let’s take a look at the promotional images and their codes,

landing.view.history16classic.header = NEW: Classic Battle Ball Lobby!
landing.view.history16classic.body = Want to own a certified piece of Habbo History? This 100% EXCLUSIVE bundle is available for a short time only!
landing.view.history16classic.button = See the bundle
landing.view.history16orange.header = NEW: Orange Battle Ball Lobby!
landing.view.history16orange.body = You WANT this bundle. It’s a central part of Habbo’s history!Available for a limited time only – are you going to miss it?
landing.view.history16orange.button = See the bundle

landing.view.history16green.header = NEW: Green Battle Ball Lobby!
landing.view.history16green.body = If green is your color, this is the Battle Ball Lobby for you! Get it while you can – it’s only here until next Monday. 100% exclusive!
landing.view.history16green.button = See the bundle
landing.view.history16purple.header = NEW: Purple Battle Ball Lobby!
landing.view.history16purple.body = The days of our classic and collectible Battle Ball Lobbies is here … timeless and 100% exclusive – get it today!
landing.view.history16purple.button = See the bundle
So apparently if we are to collect all of these bundles, we are then able to recreate the original Battle Ball room. I know I will be having a look into these when they are released. I am loving the colours and the overall classic feel to the furniture involved. I think it is great having the old rooms making a come back to Habbo Hotel, simply because a lot of the older players on here have a lot of memories in these rooms. Will you be getting these bundles? Let me know down below what you are expecting from these, also what are you excited for?
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