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[Room Review] Gay, Bi, Les & Trans Wonderland – Owned by la-devil4
By - Posted 28th May, 2016 at 11:43 pm Habbo

Want somewhere to relax and escape the stress off every day life? The Gay, Bi, Les & Trans Wonderland room owned by la-devil provides the perfect retreat! It’s current design is themed as a beautiful garden, containing lots of beautiful flowers, trees, water and foliage. Upon entering the room I spoke to some of the guests, who informed me that the room is very much loved by the Habbo community and remains the most popular place for gay, bi, lesbian and transgender people to hang out and make new friends. The room is owned by la-devil, who actively engages with the users of the room on a regular basis and keeps the layout regularly updated with the latest furniture releases. What do you think of the room? Let us know in the comments below!

Carry on reading for the full review and to check out the thoughts of some Habbo’s who use the room. Click here to go check out the room for yourself!

‘Sense of Community’

The first impression I always get when entering this room is just how strong the community really is. There are always discussions going on, groups of friends talking, and new members are made to feel extremely welcome. I spoke to a user in the room called Redolences, who said that “the room is loved by so many people as it gives them a chance to chat and make friends with others who are in the same situation as them”. It is undeniable that it can be hard for young people discovering themselves, or who actively consider themselves LGBT to make new friends with similar interests or experiences and so this room is offering them the chance to do that. The community element of the room is absolutely top notch. The beautiful layout of the room makes you feel welcome in itself as it is just the most relaxing environment you could find!

‘Tree Top Escape’

One of my favourite elements of the current design is just how multidimensional it is. Rather than just being a flat garden, there are lots of different levels and the trees stand tall giving an element of depth. If you want to get away from everything and have your own little area to talk then the tree-top seating areas are perfect! I really wish this room was real, as the view from up here would be absolutely mesmerizing.

‘Summer on Tap’

I have yet to come across a room on Habbo that makes me feel so summery. The use of colour injected into the green scenery is just beautiful and there is a stunning river running through the room to cool things down a little. The seating alongside the river allows you to sit and chat to friends whilst admiring its beauty. I would be so tempted to dip my feet in! The room is called a ‘wonderland’ and this truly is a land of wonder for me- it would literally be the perfect place for the most awesome garden party ever. I can almost hear the sounds of the insects buzzing away in the background and the soft ripples of the water!

‘A Friendly Environment’

The room is actively moderated to keep naughty Habbo’s out, and there are certain rules which have to be followed within it. This is to ensure that the discussion in the room remains friendly and so everyone can have a great time. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed under any circumstances. This room is absolutely perfect for making new friends and chilling out. There is a special Gay, Bi, Les & Trans group badge you can join within the room that currently has 35,895 members! Even Habbox Radio Manager Despect loves the room and describes it as “always being a friendly place to be”!

‘View from the community’

“Lovely, friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere. Brilliant layout, very nicely put together, great way to meet and communicate with like minded people! Even if you’re new to Habbo or having problems with sexuality, many people in there are always willing to talk to you and make you feel comfortable – often giving great advice!” – Despect

‘The Current Design’

Have you visited this room yet? Let us know your opinions about it in the comments below! 

Like! 2
    Bolt660 commented on 29th May, 2016

    An absolutely BEAUTIFUL room! 🙂

    cameron446 commented on 9th September, 2016

    Amazing Article

    elliemarie1995 commented on 13th November, 2016

    lovley room . here for gina

    xox_madison_xox commented on 4th February, 2017

    OMG I enjoyed reading that article! 🙂

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