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[Role Play Review] British Army0
By - Posted 4th September, 2015 at 11:48 pm Habbo

One of the greatest things about Habbo is the fact you can log online and escape reality completely. Regardless of anything that may be happening in your life, entering the hotel can transform you into someone you thought you’d never be, someone you’ve always wanted to be, or someone other than you! That’s the beauty (and sometimes the scary thing) about Habbo. So, this is where this new monthly article comes into play!

Every month the Articles department will review a group from Habbo from all different areas of role playing to inspire you, our loyal readers, to join an agency or even create one of your own – and who knows, one day you might even be reviewed by us! September’s featured role playing group is one of the biggest army groups on the navigator. Any guesses?

Yes, of course it’s the British Army, which is run by GOV.BAF and the enormous team that resides in the HQ. It’s one of the biggest armies on the group floor, having a forum, training modules, and even weekly pay. It attracts hundreds of new users every month and is continuing to grow and develop. We caught up with Warrant Officer 1, Sergeant Major Thumbled and asked her a few questions about what BA is really like!

What do you like the most about BA?

“There’s numerous things I’ve loved during my time serving at the British Army. But first and foremost is the personnel and the friendships you make along the way are what encourage you to be persistent with your prosperity at the army. The constant helpfulness and respect received from others here is not something you find everyday.”

What is your opinion of Role Playing on Habbo?

“Role playing isn’t really something that interests me, I don’t really have an opinion on it. However, if my work at BA counts as role playing then it’s something I find enjoyable.”

I’m a new Habbo and I’ve just found the groups floor. Why do I choose BA?

“I think five minutes of your time sat in our lobby would be enough to answer this question for you. But due to my kind nature I’ll sum it up in a few sentences so you don’t have to. In my opinion, the British Army is the best military the groups floor has to offer, not only due to my answer to your first question, but the constant growth and progress of BA speaks for itself. The personnel put their best into the Army, and out of it, we get the best military.”

Sound like your kind of thing? How about joining up to the British Army by visiting their HQ by clicking here! Good luck soldier! RULE, BRITANNIA!



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