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Habbo Scammers!2
By - Posted 15th October, 2015 at 11:36 am Habbo

Hi there, today I will be teaching you everything you need to know about the common go to this website scam! Your friend on Habbo just told you on a private message that you’ve reached the top 10 of the most popular Habbos? Been offered to join Habbo’s official staff? Just completed a telephrase or user game and got this link to go and claim your prize? Received a gift from Habbo staff with a link to a site? Somebody’s found an exploit and wants to tell you how to generate coins, for free? You may ask, what do all these amazing offers have in common? THEY ARE SCAMS!

An example of gift

If you ever go to a link and enter your email and password for Habbo, you’re going to get hacked! Never go to websites not owned by Sulake, some of them even have key logging programs so they can get your password without you entering it in! A type of scamming I will talk about is the common gift scam, this is a very common scam where a random account will send you a nice little present of some junk furni, these do have a catch. These presents are usually sent by scammers who say something along the lines of:

WOW! You won the comp of most notable Habbo player! Go to [website] to claim prize!

Never, ever, ever go to these websites! As you can’t report a gift, contact A lot of the time the scammer will send it anonymously pretending to be Habbo staff.

So what do I do if I someone PMs me on Habbo and I think it’s a scam site?

Report it to the moderators STRAIGHT AWAY so they can see the chatlog and take swift action, whatever you do DON’T visit the site!

What about if I’ve done a telephrase and they ask me to go to the site to get the prize or see an answer?

Report the room and owner to the moderators INSTANTLY, don’t visit the site!

I’ve been scammed, they’ve changed my login details, and now I can’t access my account anymore!

Go here to send a request for help and try and get your account back!

What are some of the scam sites I should be looking out for?

If someone has sent you a link to a site which they claim is owned by Sulake, the chances are it’s a scam site.


Thanks for reading!



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    FUNISMYME commented on 15th October, 2015

    Wise article 🙂 Worth a read!

    _cotton_ commented on 4th November, 2015

    why thank you,I’m that stupid tbh.