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[Guide] Habbox Fansite Event – Mother’s Day0
By - Posted 3rd May, 2016 at 6:33 pm HabboHabbo Guides

mothers day

Sunday the 8th of May marks a very special day for many countries across the world- Mother’s Day! Having already celebrated the event in the UK this year, I once again ensured my mother was treated to a cooked breakfast, flowers and lots of other goodies! Mother’s day is the day in which we honour and thank our mum’s for playing such an important part in our lives.

Habbox is holding a special event to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, and you can win yourself a very beautiful badge, designed by LovelyRainbow. Want to win yourself this badge? Simply head down to the event by clicking here or search Plebings. You can find a full guide explaining how to complete the event below should you get stuck! The theme of this event is preparing and delivering breakfast in bed for your mum! Good luck to everyone who has a go at the event and thanks to the Habbox Room Builders for creating the rooms!

Room 1 – Shopping Time!

It’s time to do some shopping for that all important Mother’s day breakfast! In order to beat this room you simply need to walk around and stand on the red tiles circled below in red. Make sure you avoid the security guards though as if you touch them you will lose! Once you have stepped on all four red tiles and turned them green you need to go stand on the red tiles next to the checkout (circled in green). Once you’ve done this you will be sent to the teleporter where you can proceed to the next room!

Room 2 – Got Milk?! & Egg Timer

There are two elements to this room! Firstly you will start on the red tiles to the bottom left of the picture. You need to make your way to the fridges and double click them until you get milk. Once you have got milk you need to run back to the red tiles you started on. Sound easy right? Well it’s not that simple! You also need to avoid the dropped food items on the floor, as touching these will cause you to lose! Once you’ve done this you will move onto the 2nd part of the room..

Part 2: Queue up on the rollers and wait until you are at the front of a queue and the gate opens. The object of this game is fairly straight forwards! Once sat on a coloured chair, the numbers behind you will start to count up and then disappear. You need to keep counting in your head at the same pace until you think the number is between 29-31. This game is all about precision so you will need to make sure you count at the same speed the numbers move. When you believe the number is between 29-31 you need to flick the switch. If you are correct you will teleport to the door and can move onto the next room!

Room 3 – Delivery Time!

So, we’ve made the breakfast but now it’s time to deliver it to the Mother! Two people can play this game at a time (2 sides of the room). There is a countdown timer which counts down until it is time for the next game to begin/how long a player has left to complete the task. To complete this event you need to move the red tile using the arrow buttons up to the blue tile next to the bed. When you click the lever the bot (who is waiting downstairs) will walk to the red plate. You need to get the bot up to the blue plate in order to win. Be careful though! If your bot touches one of the obstacles then it’s game over! If you manage to successfully get your bot up to Mum without stepping on an obstacle then you win and will be teleported to get your badge!

Here is the badge you will be rewarded with: 

We hope you enjoy the event and like the badge! Stay tuned for more Habbox fansite events coming soon! 😀

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