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The Broom Closet4
By - Posted 21st September, 2015 at 7:21 pm Habbo


I’m sure we’ve all heard of the famous Coffee¬†House,¬†it’s right there as a public room made by Habbo themselves. Well, I won’t be reviewing the Coffee House¬†today per se. Instead, I’ll be reviewing a room many of you may not know about.¬†This room is, however, connected to the Coffee House.

Today’s room review will be on the Broom Closet – a compact, almost hidden-away room. This room is just a small place to chat, chill, and practically do anything in a nice space¬†away from prying eyes. The Broom Closet is located directly inside¬†the Coffee House and that is the only possible way in.¬†It’s¬†called a closet because of its¬†very “cosy” size. You could probably call it a staff room, though, as there isn’t really a lot of storage happening, nor can I see any brooms!! You may be wondering how to get ¬†to this room, a lot of people don’t know how. To get to the room simply go to the Coffee Stop in public rooms, you should see a door behind the counter. Double click the door any you’re in!

Thanks for reading my article. Found a room you’d like others to know about? Comment below and it might be featured next time!

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    thms commented on 22nd September, 2015

    WOW i’d love you to review the room behind the desk in the welcome lounge, it’s a personal favourite of mine

    Joe commented on 23rd September, 2015

    Aw what a cute and lovely room! Great find this is – I would’ve never thought about finding something like this. I bet it’s great to chat!

    flyingcheese101 commented on 23rd September, 2015

    Sure thing thms, I’ll do it soon!

    Ashley9281 commented on 12th November, 2016

    The famous coffee house! I remember when habbo first came out! it didn’t look like that!