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Arcade upgrade!

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Arcade upgrade!
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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!
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The Floor is Lava!3
By - Posted 5th July, 2017 at 11:36 am HabboHabbo Guides

Quick, save yourself and earn a badge

Difficulty: Easy
Room Name: USA Independence Day 2017 – Lincoln Memorial
Room Owner: VinnyLovesYou

Step 1
Wait in the line patiently then enter the glass door when it opens.

Step 2
Your task is to avoid walking on Lava Ditch, avoid standing on red tiles or in one place for long and survive for 2 minutes to win.

Like! 6
    Zitrone commented on 5th July, 2017

    Very easy badge!

    Chvrlie commented on 5th July, 2017

    It’s a good game, but can be a bit annoying when there is too many people in it at the start!

    Kalium07 commented on 5th July, 2017

    It is the first day so everyone is intersted after that it will be empty.