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Habbox Summer Spectacular

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The old, new, and new new.7
By - Posted 21st August, 2015 at 12:42 pm Habbo

The old, the new, and the new new. Habbo is a place where so many of us created alternate lives. Sometimes they’re very similar to our actual life, but other times they couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, I’m a Habbo from 2004. I left for about 7 to 8 years and the changes are something to marvel at.

Me in a Palooza plane!The other day I was flying those Palooza Planes and thought to my self; “ We would have killed for half of this stuff back then”. But, there is one thing I did notice never changed: the “typical” Habbo society roles. Now, some would argue that the act of being on Habbo itself is not the coolest. Therefore those on Habbo should not think they are cool. But this is not the case. Ever since day one you’ve had the “Cool Guys” Hanging out in help centers or the back of a random posh room surrounded by their over-grown mountains of furni. This has always made me wonder… What makes you so cool? Why do you command so much authority…? Did we not come to Habbo to get away from the A-Holes of real life? Why are we sometimes so much worse on Habbo?

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that the guy running into the room acting like a complete child and trying to avoid the “bobba” filter to annoy the room shouldn’t be your best friend, but still, there is so much animosity towards people. I see it every day with people getting ignored by others while they whisper amongst each other.

This all just came to my mind when I was thinking about how much Habbo is constantly moving forward. When I realized I’m gonna probably stay here for a while. So I ask of all of you to just think a little before you put someone down. Not just putting them down by verbally saying something – that attitude of “ I’m so much cooler than you” hurts just as much. We are all equal and we all deserve to receive the same amount of respect we give to others. Don’t forget that being a staff member or heavily involved with an official fan-site, especially one as big as Habbox makes people look up to us. Let’s make this Habbo AND Habbox community even better by bringing the old Habbo ways back. When we all would have endless nights with our feet in Petal Patches sitting around on Club Sofas, surrounded by endless amounts of Lodge Furni, Mocha Masters, and Imperial teles having the best laughs and conversations of our youth. The hotel has made everything possible for us to do, let’s make it a place people want to come back to.

                                                                                As always, much love, Tk.

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    Baabycakezz commented on 21st August, 2015

    This is all very true and I think people can be so mean to new habbos. I don’t see why though. Habbo will die if new people don’t join or join and then leave because people are horrible to them. We are all going to eventually leave which just means Habbo will have no users at some point in the future. I think people do need to start being a bit nicer.

    I miss some of the old features of habbo and I miss some of the people who I used to speak to that left!

    Bikini commented on 21st August, 2015

    A great Article! Thanks for allowing me to reminisce a little!

    Tk commented on 21st August, 2015

    Great points everyone! Thank you for feedback as well!

    Zitrone commented on 21st August, 2015

    Yes I come on Habbo for fun times not miserable rude nasty peeps 🙁

    QueeenHavie. commented on 27th August, 2015

    This article made me reminisce on the good ol’ days. But you are right Habbo is expanding every day and hopefully the community will continue to expand for years and the years to come. Nice article!

    Nitrolysis commented on 27th August, 2015

    Awesome article Tk :]

    thms commented on 1st September, 2015

    habbo is a dangerous place

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