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Too old for Habbo(x)?3
By - Posted 27th February, 2016 at 11:57 pm Habbo

One of the long running jokes on Habbox is the age of some of the members.  Personally, being one of the older members of the forum, I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I find a member older than me!

But is there a specific age where we should stop playing Habbo or using Habbo fansites?


I asked this very question last year in relation to Habbo fansites, after struggling with the fact I was legally an adult and still using a Habbo fansite daily.  I always assumed that Habbo(x) would only be something I used until I got a “real life”.  Yet here I am, a 23 year old University graduate who pays bills and does her own laundry, writing an article on a Habbo fansite.

So why are many of us still here, even when we have outgrown Habbo and are no longer 13 years old?  Is it because we are childish? Crave the social interaction that kept many of us addicted?  Or simply because we have many memories of being here?  With many people now making meaningful relationships and interactions on websites such as Reddit (and of course, Tinder!)- isn’t Habbo(x) just an extension of that?

What’s your story?  Why do so many of us promise to leave but end up coming back, even when the forum is so inactive? Are you one of those and/or maybe you think there is an appropriate time period, such as going to University or moving in with your other half, when people should leave for good?

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    thms commented on 28th February, 2016

    i like how fjs avatar is on this article. leave habbo/x u OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Bolt660 commented on 28th February, 2016

    I know right thms! It makes my Habbo look extremely youthful in the middle there! 😛

    I think the reason I’m still here is mostly because of the good memories and the friends I’ve been able to make whilst here. I see it as a fun hobby that takes your mind off being bored and it can be quite rewarding knowing you are doing something which will hopefully have a positive effect on other people! I’ve been staff at Habbox since 2009, and from February 2015 to February 2016 I wasn’t staff. During this time I still came on the forum daily out of habit and in the end just decided I may as well use the time productively! It’s really hard to get out of the habit I guess when it’s been a big part of your life for many years!

    .:AnetteOlzon:. commented on 29th February, 2016

    For me it’s the community. Used to be the games and, for Habbox, the Summer Spectacular, because of how large the community was back then, and the sheer number of events that took a level of intellect. But with the decline of that I’ve often wanted to leave, but the community and HabboxLive are what have kept me going. I even did leave for a considerable while when college got far too hectic… but I came back once my schedule was freed up again.

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