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Top 6 Food and Drink Outlets on Habbo Hotel!0
By - Posted 22nd February, 2016 at 9:43 pm HabboHabbo Guides

After a hard days work in the Habbox Articles office, I often find myself desperate to find the perfect place to unwind and enjoy tasty food combined with delicious beverages. With the vast amount of rooms on Habbo Hotel I always know that no matter what time of the day it is there will always be somewhere open for me to kick back and relax.

Today, I decided that I would take a brief tour around some of the various food and drink outlets on Habbo and formulate my top 6, which I will share with you now should you ever be looking for that perfect place to eat or drink at. Of course there are hundreds more fabulous places than the ones listed here, so please do share your own favourites in the comments below. If there are enough suggestions I will be sure to review some more in a future article!

Bubble Lounge – Macklebee

Firstly, I’ll begin by saying that green isn’t usually my favourite colour. This room however somehow makes me want to wear and embrace green every single day! Upon entering, I was approached by a very friendly (albeit slightly robotic) staff member who took my order with no problems. The room currently has a rating of 429 which seemed a little low to me for such a high profile owner, and the establishment was pretty empty upon my arrival. I believe that this bar offers something unique to other bars and contains a very positive vibe. My advice to anyone who wishes to drink there however would be to not attempt to steal a drink from the cola machine. Seriously, you would be ‘quackers’ to do so!

McDonald’s – McDonalds

One of my old favourites! Who can resist the delicious temptation of a McDonald’s strawberry milkshake? Not me that’s who! Owned by none other than former Habbox staff member McDonalds, this place is true to the franchise and offers the tradition red and yellow themes associated with our beloved burger flipping company! As shown in the picture, I decided to stop for a quick McFlurry during my visit and the taste was immense. Founded in 2011, this Habbo fast food joint has been extremely popular amongst the Habbo population due to its super cheap yet yummy food! My only advice would be to not slip on the super slippery tiles!

The Drunken Clam – li-syron

This was my first time visiting this public house and I was extremely impressed with what I saw! Founded in 2010 and still going strong, The Drunken Clam offers that old style pub feel- perfect for meeting up with friends. Service was pretty slow, but I did visit during a busy period and only two staff members were on shift. I love the original wooden flooring which gives this place such a warm and friendly vibe and the red seating compliments this perfectly. My only criticism of this bar was the huge amount of graffiti written on the walls, the green combined with the red almost makes me think of Christmas- which is not cool in February! I do like a drink, so this place is perfect if you want somewhere warm and cosy to enjoy a few drinks after work.

Habbo Steak House – Maniactheboss

Founded at the beginning of 2015, Habbo Steak House describes itself as being the “most active and elegant” steakhouse on the hotel. After all of the drinks (and ice cream) I had consumed so far, I was desperate for some proper food, and steak is definitely proper food! I felt almost under dressed for this establishment as it is definitely for those with a stable job and income to enjoy! The luxurious chairs offer optimum comfort and there is never a shortage of champagne on display. The staff were extremely efficient in taking my order, which is fantastic for a place of this size. The smell of a freshly cooked lobster directly next to my table almost made me want to regurgitate my steak but apart from that I would highly recommend this place! With a rating of 2916 it would seem that a lot of other people agree!

The Red Lion Pub – simonike

Like The Drunken Clam, the use of dark wood and red in this room automatically got my attention. This is another one of those traditional pubs offering a warm ambiance and an even warmer welcome. I instantly strolled over to the old fashioned jukebox and put on some ABBA to drown out the sound of the older generation Habbos mumbling in the background, which instantly transformed the place into a retro nightclub (well in my eyes!) The bar itself is the main attraction in this pub, acting as a central feature tempting you to sample one of its many delights. I felt slightly sorry for the poor dog outside, which appeared to have been abandoned, and the elephant behind the bar came as a bit of a shock too. Overall I would definitely recommend this place for a nice drink out with the Mrs (or Mr) due to its romantic charm created by the Oil Lamps!

Starbucks – Jenga401

By this point on my tour, after the many, many pubs, my poor pixelated legs could barely walk in a straight line. I decided the perfect solution would be to have a heated beverage instead! One of my favourite places to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate has always been Starbucks, so I knew I had to try this one out! I instantly made friends with the girl behind the counter, who appreciated my blue hat (what a sweetie). After placing my order I decided to go and relax in one of the very comfy looking armchairs, almost tripping over a huge ass rock on the way! I appreciated the vast foliage throughout the room and the divine water feature which set the perfect tone. With a room rating of 1213 this room appears to be hugely popular with others too, making it the perfect place to meet new friends. They do sprinkles and marshmallows on the hot chocolate too which was a instant sell for me!

Have you visited any of these food and drink places on Habbo? What are your thoughts on them? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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