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[QUIZ] What kind of Habbo are you?6
By - Posted 17th April, 2018 at 1:00 pm HabboQuizzes

What kind of Habbo stereotype are you?

I'm not one for stereotyping, but no matter how hard you try, you can't help but see the same type of people around Habbo, over and over again. Which one of these groups will you come out as? Test your Habbo stereotype now!

Like! 14
    lawrawrrr commented on 17th April, 2018

    ahahahahha I got Old Timer

    Shonly commented on 17th April, 2018

    I’m an overachiever apparently loool

    Badr56 commented on 18th April, 2018

    Gamer, not surprised 😀

    Ekelektra commented on 20th April, 2018

    Lurker which is probably true haha

    Lanyon commented on 24th April, 2018

    You’re a Dancer!

    You cannot stop grooving! Whether you’re in Club NX or smack bang in the middle of a debate on LGBTQ+ rights, , you just can’t stand still! You’re often well-liked by people in rooms as you bring a bit of life to the hotel – especially when you get people joining in! If you’re HC you’re probably showing off your Habnam skills (and let’s be honest, you were one of the first to figure out that was a command!). Maybe you’re just an AFKer in disguise, because after all, they can’t see you Zzzing if you’re moving…

    The king commented on 9th March, 2021