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Wired: Back to Basics – What is Wired?0
By - Posted 6th April, 2016 at 11:00 am HabboHabbo Guides

Put simply, Wired is one of the main components to any room. From VIP codes, to auto-games, Wired has a vast array of abilities. Every time you see somebody teleport or an item of furniture move in any way, Wired has been used. It comes in 4 main categories; Triggers, Effects, Conditions and Add-Ons. The concept of how Wired works is very simple and once you grasp how they work, you just apply that logic to any Wired stack!

Lets learn a little more about each category!

 What is a Trigger?

Triggers are one of the two categories you need as, without a trigger, your Wired will definitely not work due to the fact there will be no way to trigger it, hence the name! Triggers are the brown trimmed boxes with all of their names beginning with “Wired Trigger:”. There are 14 triggers available to players, however Habbo Staff have been known to use exclusive Wired. The more common Wired triggers which you may recognise are those such as “Wired Trigger: User says Keyword” which is used for VIP passwords and also for games, such as Telephrase.

What is an Effect?

The Effect is what you want to happen once you activate the Trigger. These boxes are the silver-trimmed boxes and these are the second of the two categories you need. You could spend hours building and wiring lots of different wired stacks, but without Effects, your Wired will do absolutely nothing. Examples of simple Effects are “WIRED Effect: Teleport to Furni” which are also used for VIP passwords and games, such as Telephrase. There are 24 Wired Effects which are available to buy from the Habbo Catalogue, however it is well known that there are many more Staff-exclusive ones, such as “WIRED Effect: Give Badge”.

What is a Condition?

Conditions are the boxes which help to control when the Effect is activated; almost like the requirements for the Wired to work. Sticking with the Telephrase game theme, if you were to have just the Trigger and Effect, anybody in the room could teleport into the game. However, if you had this Condition too, you can set it so only people within the game would be able to guess the answers. Condition boxes are those with white trim on the box. The Condition pictured above is the “WIRED Condition: Triggering User is on Furni” which does exactly as it says on the tin; only allows people who are on specific furniture to activate the stack. There are Negative Conditions too!

What is a Negative Condition?

Negative Conditions work in exactly the same way to normal Conditions. They also look exactly the same as the normal Conditions, however their trim is black, not white. The pattern on the side of them is exactly the same. They select when you wish for the stack to be activated, however it does it in the complete opposite way to normal Conditions. For example, the box pictured above is the “WIRED Negative Condition: Triggering user is NOT on Furni”. This means that anybody who is not on one of the furniture you select with this box will be able to activate the Effect. These are quite useful for advanced games and automatic games.

What is an Add-On?

There are debates over what an “Add-On” actually is; whether it is the furniture in the Add-Ons tab in the Wired catalogue, or whether it is a type of wired box. The fact of the matter is that they are all Add-Ons, technically. However, for the sake of this article, I will be talking about the type of Wired box. The box pictured above is the “WIRED Add-On: Random Effect” which used to be used more a few years ago, but as games of luck are now banned on the Hotel, they aren’t used as commonly. These can be used if you wish to have many different Effects, but only one of those to be activated at a time.

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