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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!
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Habbos Alert! Get Ready for the Monsters!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm
As the full moon approaches, people everywhere are getting ready for the most spook-tacular time of the year; Halloween!

And Habbo is no exception! Puhekupla, a great aid to the reporters here at Habbox, have found some new effects regarding the haunting happenings going on at the moment! Currently, there are 13 different images given, ranging from all sorts of bugs to a knife through the heart! These releases aren’t surprising, as it is only a few days until Halloween is here, the 31st of October. This year, it is on a Monday, and many people go back to school on this day after a week’s holiday!

There are also some new bites of code given in their article:
friendlist.removefriendconfirm.title=Confirm remove the room event “%targetString%”!

The first two are about the new groups features, whilst the 3rd and 4th are to do with friends, firstly a confirmation of removal, and secondly a new FriendStream alert. The final one seems to solidify the daunting arrival of Christmas, and that the Habbo team are already planning for it!

And back on to the effects, how different they are! As far as we at the Habbox Offices are aware, the list includes: a werewolf mask, an evil scarecrow mask, an inkblot mask, a pair of beautiful, purple butterfly wings, a mummy’s head, a pumpkin mask, a corpse mask, a zombie mask, a knife through the heart, a ghost costume, an alien head (much resembling the Silence from Dr. Who), an evil mouth-chest and finally, a land lizard. We expect there to be a jump in sales over the next 2 or 3 weeks for these lush effects!

But what do you think? Which outfit are you most excited for? Or are they all just a load of baloney? Leave your views below!

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