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Habbovision song contest0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:13 pm

This year again, we see the return on the Eurovision song contest. Every year, countries submit a song to perform live on TV, infront of millions of people which are then voted on later. All contestants, representing their country then go head-to-head in rounds and every country votes to reveal the most popular song overall!

As you may or may not know, this year’s UK submission has been put straight through to the finals and in celebration Habbo are holding their very own Habbovison song contest!

It’s pretty much exactly the same as Eurovision… All you have to do, is form a band and then fight to win the support of the Habbo community.

Here are some very easy steps on how to enter

1. Create and upload a video
2. Create a facebook fan page for your band
3. Fill out the competiton form

And now to the most important part… Prizes!

Finalists will be selected based on how many views and likes their youtube video receives aswell as the amount of fans on their facebook fan page. As a reward, all finalists will be rewarded with a Habbovision Runners up badge and their video will be displayed on Habbo’s Youtube channel.

A poll will be displayed on the Habbo website for you to cast your vote and the winning team members will receive:

3rd Place: a Bronze Habbo Trophy and a Habbovision Winners Badge!
2ndPlace: a Silver Habbo Trophy and a Habbovision Winners Badge!
1st Place: a Gold Habbo Trophy and a Habbovision Winners Badge!

Be aware that entries close on Wednesday May 11th 7am EST ( 7pm Singapore, 10pm  Sydney, 4am Los Angeles and 11am London)

Good luck to everyone that enters!

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