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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

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The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!
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Habboween continues!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

                       There are now even more ways of making your room horrifying!

Today, users had another proof of what was said in previous articles; I’m talking about Sulake’s creativity boost for Habboween. This afternoon, a bunch of new furniture was uploaded onto the client, obviously according to the theme of this celebration.
After finally creating a fun fair in our hotel (Read ”Habboween in The Netherlands!”) with the exact same layout and way to proceed to receive either new badges or furniture as for Holland, Sulake seems really determined to make players feel like building their own fun fair rooms.
This is the reason why new creepy furniture that commonly exists in them was created, and as you can see in this article’s image, we are now able to purchase for example, a Misfortune Teller (bottom left) or even a funny Fairground Grabber (top right)!
The downside to this new furniture is the fact that Sulake seems to want members to keep distinguishing themselves between those that are norm and VIP, or those who have purchased Credits on Habbo during the season and have received Pumpkins along with it and those who haven’t. You can realize this by using a Costume Gate, that only allows you in if you are wearing a costume (effect); both gate and costumes are only purchasable if you have bought Credits during this week, which come with the currency, Pumpkins.
What do our Habbox users think about these?
,AAiden: ”I really like the Grabby!”
McDonalds: ”They’re all pretty good and I really like them.”
Polarisation: ”The wolf thing is a bit creepy ”
Do YOU like this new furniture?
Click ”Read More & Comment” to let us know!    

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